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Introducing PhilaU Admissions’ Student Blogger, Casey Dougan!


Drumroll, please!  I am thrilled to introduce you all to Casey Dougan!  Casey is a rockstar PhilaU sophomore who has agreed to be a guest blogger for Admissions this semester.  She is a great example of a student who is taking advantage of her college years and not being afraid to try new things.  Here’s a quick introduction to Casey, and be sure to check out her insightful articles in the future!

Hi everyone! My name is Casey Dougan, and I am a second year Fashion Merchandising Major from Edison, New Jersey. I chose Philadelphia University because I wanted a small college that could offer me small classes, a concentrated curriculum, and opportunities to gain industry experience.

I’ve always loved cities and the hustle and bustle that comes along with a fast-paced life, but I was also looking for all the perks a traditional campus has to offer. PhilaU offers the best of both worlds: a quiet, residential community to focus and learn in and easy access into one of America’s greatest cities for entertainment and fun! On campus, I am a member of Fashion Industries Association, Fashion Apparel Merchandising Experience, Honors Student Association, Colleges Against Cancer/Relay for Life, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. I have participated in the Emerging Leaders Program and the LEAD Program, as well as taken advantage of using Philadelphia as an even bigger campus by attending events such as Phillies and Sixers games, the Philadelphia International Flower Show, and Fashion’s Night Out at King of Prussia Mall.

I’m excited to be a guest blogger during this semester and to share with you my experiences at PhilaU, offer advice and tips on making your college journey successful, and hopefully give you insight on what life at Philadelphia University is really about!

Abbey Carr
Admissions Counselor

Philadelphia University Study Abroad Opportunities: Hong Kong Edition


Have you been thinking about where you would like to study abroad when you are in college?  Maybe you’ve had your heart set on a particular city or maybe you haven’t narrowed down a location yet.  Philadelphia University can help you find the right program in the right city for you.

One of our Rambassadors, J’Nay Penn had the opportunity to study abroad last year, and she would like to share her experience with you…

At a pretty young age I knew that I wanted to travel across the world one day. At that time I was far too young to fathom it actually coming true or where I would go. Fortunate for me, it came in the form of a short study abroad course to Hong Kong for 10 days during winter break. This girl from an island smaller than Manhattan (I am from St. John in the US Virgin Islands) took off on January 1st, 2012, for the trip of a lifetime. What a way to start the New Year, right?

The course was entitled Intercultural Innovation, so there was a range of majors on the trip including students and faculty advisors. The interdisciplinary feature of the class definitely enhanced it. We attended lectures at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, got exclusive tours of the facilities for some huge companies over there and even traveled into Mainland China to visit a factory.  The insight and experiences from the eyes of people in a major different to yours made me see things from so many perspectives. It is a great way to study, which is a large part of what Philadelphia University stands for.

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to see the world on a far larger scale. It forces you to come out of a comfort zone that for some has been in tact since birth. While the trip was short, I was able to network and meet some amazing people who are at the forefront of innovation in Hong Kong and the world at large. The contacts I have now have opened opportunities to intern/work internationally if it were something I wanted to pursue.

As a Graphic Design student I was especially engaged by the local signage and the marketing strategies used by the companies we were able to hear lectures from. I have applied all of those things to my work now, especially in the research and concept building stage. I am immensely happy that I took advantage of the opportunity to do a short course and I encourage all students to visit the study abroad office to see what else is out there. We live in a BIG world and trips like these allow you to see it in a very special way.

All my best,

J’Nay A. Penn
Graphic Design Communication
Class of 2013

PhilaU Fashion Alumni: Marlene Olson Hamm ’05, Assistant Wardrobe Mistress, New York City Ballet


PhilaU Alumna Marlene Olson Hamm ’05 will visit Philadelphia University today, January 22nd to discuss her career as a wardrobe design assistant for the New York City Ballet.  What a great opportunity for our students to network!

Words of Wisdom for PhilaU’s Newest Rams from Dr. Katharine Jones


Calling all freshmen!  Do you remeber Thursday, August 16, 2012?  Your first full day on campus as a Philadelphia University student?  At the University’s Convocation, we welcomed 780 new students as we officially started the 2012 academic year. Katharine Jones, Ph.D., associate professor of sociology and the recipient of the 2012 President’s Award for Excellence, spoke to the new students and their families at Convocation about making the most of their PhilaU experience.

Today, I would like to share Dr. Jones’ inspiring speech with you.  I’d like to as you to reflect on your first semester.  Did you take advantage of all the opportunities here at PhilaU?  What have you learned?  What have you learned about yourself?  What advise would you have for high school seniors who are eagerly anticipating their first day as a PhilaU Ram?  After reading Dr. Jones’ speech, share with us on our Facebook page (http://on NULL.fb or Tweet us (http://bit!

Hello, President Spinelli, Trustees, Faculty, Staff, families, friends, and incoming students.

Thank you for inviting me to speak to you today. I’m honored and excited to welcome you, our incoming class, to Philadelphia University.

When planning what to say today, I contacted some of the students who had really impressed me during their time at PhilaU, who are making their way in the world with a Philadelphia University education behind them. “What do you wish you’d been told on your first day at PhilaU,” I asked them? “What do you wish your family had known, also?”

They actually had similar answers: first, be open to new experiences—wherever they may come from—and second, take advantage of the city of Philadelphia and all it has to offer. I agree with them wholeheartedly, and I’ll expand on these before giving you some of my own ideas.

As you start university, you have unprecedented access to a diversity of ideas, people, activities, skills, and resources. Your time at university offers you a multitude of opportunities to explore things you’d never thought of before: drama, music, dance, photography, political activism; new ways of thinking, new kinds of fun, even new ways of speaking if you are lucky enough to learn a new language! It will take some work on your part. Force yourself to dive headfirst into something that is new to you! Don’t be shy about playing ultimate frisbee, even if you’ve never been interested in sports; or joining the student newspaper, even if you’ve never been keen on writing; or raising money to build a school in Tanzania, even if you don’t know where Tanzania is on a map! (You will learn that, of course!) Join clubs! Participate! Step outside of your comfort zone!

Eric, a student I taught last year, asked me to urge you to become friends with people you would normally never approach, and sign up for an organization that you may only have the slightest interest in. If you’re straight, sign up for the straight-gay alliance; if you’re from the US, find out what the international student group is doing on campus. Don’t be afraid in your first year to start breaking down barriers between people. Lauren, another former student agreed: “jump into things enthusiastically even if they are not your favorite thing to do,” she said. And she wished someone had told her not to regret the setbacks she encountered after trying new things. To use a cliché, it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry! Both students felt that your Philadelphia University experience will be so much more fulfilling if you are open to all that our community has to offer. And of course the people you meet here will be your friends, mentors, and colleagues, for years to come.

So, diversity is here on the campus of Philadelphia University, but we are also part of an incredible city!! The center of Philadelphia is a 20 minute bus, train or car ride away, and it’s full of exciting things to do: there’s great food, art, music, theatre, design, architecture, history. There are hiking trails, baseball pitches, bookstores, boutiques, dog parks, murals, museums, flea markets, urban gardens, right here on our doorstep! The Office of Student Life is always planning trips to the city. Don’t be scared of the city! Go! Even if you don’t know anyone else on the trip, you’ll meet people, see something new, and learn something new. That, after all, is what college is all about.

I have some additional thoughts about what to expect and how to act when you are here.

I want you to work on your breathing. We all work far too hard during the semester, and we all forget to stop and breathe sometimes. It’s so important to remember to slow down and be in the moment. Breathe so your in-breath goes all the way down to your belly. You need to breathe properly to be able to think; you need to get that oxygen to your brain. Shallow breathing just doesn’t cut it, especially when you are working hard! To quote a British poet, you need to “keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you”! Breathing properly helps you to do just that!

You also need to eat right, exercise regularly, and get lots of sleep for your brain to function properly! Don’t overlook those things, even though you are away from home and your family are not here to make sure you aren’t just living on ramen noodles!

Buy multiple alarm clocks. Don’t just rely on your cell phone as your alarm clock. We all oversleep once or twice (even me!), but you need a good system to make sure you are getting up on time. Ensure you have at least one alarm clock that isn’t going to let you down. And remember to set it!! Ha ha ha!

I also want you to focus on kindness and compassion towards yourself and those around you. Everyone will struggle at some time during the semester with stress, with overwork, or with non-work stuff that is making them feel crazy. Have compassion for your fellow students, for your professors, and for the staff you interact with. Treat everyone here with kindness, and you’ll find it reciprocated. We’re a community, a big family, and we want to be able to get along, even when we are most stressed out (around midterms and finals especially!). If you are kind and compassionate towards others, you’ll find yourself being kind and compassionate to yourself. This is a hard thing you’ve taken on! It’s tough to get a university degree. No-one said it would be easy; but you can make it easier to cope with if you are kind to yourself and to others.

Also, remember to smile and laugh. Let loose, be silly, embarrass yourself, dare yourself to do something bold or impulsive! Life is supposed to be fun. Right?

But– you will be challenged at this university. You’re here, I presume, because you want to be challenged! Be open to the fact that a degree involves a lot of hard work. Your brain is a muscle that you are exercising as you use it. It grows, in fact, with use. Be open to the hard work. Realize that your professors push you because we want you to do your best. You should relish our high expectations. In fact, you will want to have high expectations of yourself. 4 years of hard work will pay off in a college degree, and the journey will be amazing, and fulfilling, and worth the effort. You will learn to think more critically about the world, and to communicate more effectively, both in the way you speak, and in the way you write. The practice of dedicating your life to learning for 4 years is such an incredible opportunity to develop your mind. Don’t waste it by having low expectations of yourself!

Finally, all of the things I have said (with the exception, perhaps, of getting an alarm clock!) are about having an open and curious mind. Getting a university degree requires you to be open to experiences, ideas and people that you really wouldn’t have known about or heard about unless you were out of your comfort zone. You will learn to appreciate diversity, and to be open-minded enough not to be threatened by it when you see it; instead you will actually learn to embrace it and use it as a positive force in your lives. And the skills you develop here will stay with you forever!

I’m sure after a few days here, you will see that Philadelphia University is a vibrant, diverse, challenging and fun place to live and work. Welcome to this campus! I can’t wait to meet you all!

Abbey Carr
Admissions Counselor

PhilaU Interior Design Professor Receives National Innovative Education Award


Lauren Baumbach, associate professor and director of Philadelphia University’s Interior Design program, has been awarded the 2012 Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) Innovation in Interior Design Education Merit Award, a prestigious national award.

The award, granted to one or two professors from all CIDA-accredited design programs each year, celebrates innovative teaching and excellence in interior design education. Baumbach’s award entry highlighted a collaborative project between PhilaU students and TD Bank last year to design a sustainable bank of the future.

Read the full article about Professor Baumbach’s award by clicking here: (http://bit

Philadelphia University’s Herb Magee Becomes First NCAA Men’s Basketball Coach to Win 950 Games


Philadelphia University Hall of Fame coach Herb Magee became the first coach in NCAA men’s basketball history to post 950 career wins after the Rams defeated Chestnut Hill 67-63 on the road Jan. 12.

In his 46th season as head coach, all of them with his alma mater, Magee has reached 950 wins in 1,331 career games. Magee, who has the most all-NCAA wins in NCAA men’s basketball history, owns a career record of 950-381 for a winning percentage of .714.

Magee was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in August 2011.

To read more, click here: (http://bit

Accepted Students: Shadow a current student this spring!


Congratulations to all of our accepted students!

Whether you’ve already decided that PhilaU is the place for you or you’re still making your decision, we have a great opportunity to get a closer look at what it’s like to be a student here! Each spring we offer accepted students the chance to shadow a current student in your chosen major. Your student host will take you to class, lunch, and maybe even some student activities that may be going on during the day!

You can choose the day and we will match you up with one of our host students. You can come for a full day or half, whatever works best for your schedule. Many of our student hosts went through this shadowing program as prospective students as well. They found that shadowing really helped them make their college decision and would like to help future students get a better feel for the university. Choosing a college is an important (and sometimes scary) decision to make. We want to make that decision a lot less scary and make sure you have the best visit possible!

If you are interested in signing up for the shadowing program, you can click here (http://bit to submit your request.

If you are interested in other types of visits (including our Open House on April 13, 2013), click here (http://bit!