Dear Freshman Me

What I wish I knew when I was a first-year student…

Dear Freshman Me,

You are about to experience and embark on one of your most important experiences in life. I know you can get a little anxious at times, but if you keep these things in mind, Jefferson will feel like home in no time.

You Will Find the Right Fit

Here at Jefferson, there is a place for everyone. Right now, it may seem like you’re a puzzle piece desperately looking for the right fit, but there is a club or organization on campus for everyone. You will fit in this puzzle called Jefferson.

Never Forget where you come from

Is it normal for you to feel homesick? Of course, it is. Keep in touch with your friends from back home. They are probably going through the same experience as you and it would always be nice to hear a familiar voice and share each other’s perspective. Keep in touch with your family, giving them regular updates on your new life (trust me, they worry!). Always remember they are very proud of you and want you to make the best out of your time here at Jefferson.

Network and Create Professional Relationships

Never be afraid to ask that question. Never be afraid to take that step into your professor’s office. Jefferson is all about making connections. Creating professional relationships with your professors can help you in ways you cannot imagine. They can be great mentors, and possibly land you jobs and internships in the future.

People Will Come and Go

It’s very normal for people to come and go in your time in college. That first group of friends you think will last forever, may not. Don’t get too overwhelmed by it, nothing is permanent. You will always find new friends, and sometimes it may be for the best. Believe it or not, sometimes letting go can be the best thing you’ll ever do. Always remember to cherish the good times you’ve had with people.

Relax and Take Time Out for Yourself

It is going to get hectic at times, where you may feel like you can’t relax. Always remember that it is essential to take a break from course work. Socialize. Take that hike. Go on that weekend trip with your friends. Explore Philadelphia. Eat good food. Go to the gym, make full use of the amenities offered to you here at Jefferson. Don’t worry, you will get your work done on time – but breathe, first.

College can be an overwhelming experience, but don’t sweat it. You will find that job, you will find your people and most importantly, you will find yourself. Jefferson will become your home away from home. Is it going to be scary? Of course. Will it be worth the experience? I promise you it will be.


Your Senior Year Self

By Ashlesha Moharana, Jefferson Senior