Counselor Corner – Applying to Jefferson

Counselor Corner – Applying to Jefferson

Fact vs. Fiction

With Labor Day and heat waves (hopefully) behind us, the Admissions office at Jefferson is ready to move into the 2018-2019 school year at full force. For you Seniors out there, we know the start of your year means the start of application season, with many hours of your once “free time” now dedicated to crafting the perfect essay, tracking down your favorite teachers for letters of recommendation, and touring campuses to decide where you will apply. Throughout the college application process, Jefferson Admissions Counselors will be sharing some helpful information about all things college in our Counselors’ Corner series. We’re here to provide behind the scenes advice on how you can make yourself a strong applicant.

For our first tip in Counselors’ Corner, we will be distinguishing between the biggest facts and fictions we hear from students as they apply to Jefferson. How many can you guess correctly?

1. If I use the Jefferson Application instead of the Common Application, it will increase my chances of becoming admitted.

Fiction. We do not have a preference for which type application you choose to submit. Simply use whichever application you find to be more efficient. If you are applying to other schools on the Common Application, feel free to use it for us as well.

2. I’ll be eligible for a higher merit scholarship if I apply by the Early Action deadline.

Fiction. We will review all eligible applicants for the same merit award opportunities regardless of if they apply by the early action or regular decision deadline. Additionally, all applicants are automatically considered for merit scholarship; there is no additional form or application to fill out. Keep in mind there are other benefits to applying by the Early Action deadline. Check those out on our Apply (http://eastfalls NULL.jefferson NULL.html) page.

3. Visiting campus can be an important step of the application process.

Fact. Visiting campus can really help you get a feel for what type of college experience you are looking for. Do you see yourself in big classes or small classes? Are you more excited about an urban campus or a cozy, tranquil setting? We have a variety of exciting events throughout the fall and spring that will help you move one step closer to uncovering what’s important to you in a college. So come visit campus and get to know Jefferson! Oh, and did I mention if you visit campus you’ll receive a $40 application fee waiver?

4. I’m just a “number” to my admissions counselor.

Fiction. Your admissions counselor is your first point of contact for all things Jefferson. We care about making the application process an easy and even fun one. We are so excited to get to know you as we help you navigate this monumental step. Your assigned admissions counselor will read every part of your application and can be your biggest advocate. Be sure you are making a relationship with us!

5. If several students from my high school are applying to Jefferson, I have a lower chance of being admitted.

Fiction. We review students for admissibility based on their academic history and perceived ability to contribute to the Jefferson community. It’s great if some of your classmates want to apply to Jefferson! But it won’t impact your personal admissions decision.

6. My admissions counselor won’t actually read my essay.

Fiction. Use your essay as an opportunity to tell us a little bit more about you. Is there an activity on your application you’d love to expand on? Great. Is there something unique about your background that you’d love to share? Perfect. Please use your essay section thoughtfully—learning about who you are as a student and as a member of our community is one of our favorite parts of the job!

7. The most important advocate you can have throughout the application process is yourself.

Fact. We totally get that applying to college can seem confusing and even a little daunting. That’s why we encourage you to reach out with any concerns that you have—we thoroughly believe that there is no such thing as a silly question! Building a strong relationship with your admissions counselor will help us get to know you. In addition, the better we know you, the better we are equipped to assist you on your college journey.

The most important thing to remember as you navigate this process the next few months is that you are in the driver’s seat. You decide where you will visit. You decide where you will apply. And ultimately, you decide where you will attend. Our admissions office is here to assist you throughout the process, from answering questions about your intended major to filling out your application to greeting you on campus at our many events. Come meet us on campus (http://eastfalls NULL.jefferson NULL.html) at one of our upcoming information sessions and be sure to follow us on our social media to stay up to date on deadlines and what’s happening on campus!

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