Jefferson Uncoded: Your Guide to Talking the Talk on Campus

By: Kellyn ‘19

Picture this: you’re walking around campus on a beautiful fall day during your first semester at Jefferson, when suddenly, someone comes up to you and says “Hey! I know you’re ID and I’m TMT, but wanna grab CFT after FYS? Or would you rather go to the Hub for some Late Night?” And then you’re all like…”Um…IDK?”

When starting at Jefferson it can be hard to get used to all the lingo that gets thrown around. Between the names of buildings, majors, and events, you might feel you need your own dictionary to keep track of all of the abbreviations used by both students and faculty. No need to fear! I am here to break down some of the most commonly used words and phrases used around campus. Think of this blog post as your guide to Jefferson lingo!

Different Majors:

Trying to keep track of which major is which:

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With the wide range of programs you can study on campus (more than 40 majors!), there can be many abbreviations you might hear without having any idea what they mean.

FMM = Fashion Merchandising and Management
ID = Industrial Design
TMT = Textile Materials Technology
PA = Physician Assistant
OT = Occupational Therapy

Buildings and Rooms on Campus:

Not every building is called by what’s on the front of the building – with all those long names we found better ways to say them.

DEC = The Lawrence Field DEC Center
A&D = Architecture and Design Center
KPS = Kanbar Performance Space
White House = Reichlin House, where administrative offices are
The Hub = RavenHub
Roxborough House = aka the Arlen Specter Center, where Roxborough Roundtables take place
Quad = Grassy area between Kanbar and the Gutman library
White Corners = the admissions building on the corner of Henry Ave and Schoolhouse Lane

Looking for your building on the first day of class like:

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General Lingo:

How are you supposed to know whether CFT is about food, class, or an event on campus? And what is CAB?

Studio = can refer to any design studio on campus; where some students basically live
Chicken Finger Thursday (CFT) = when Common Thread serves chicken fingers for lunch on Thursdays – get there early to get in line!
Ram Van = the shuttle bus around campus
Late Night = the meal period from 8-12pm in Ravenhill
Break Period = the period from 12:30-2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays
CAB = Campus Activities Board, who plan many of our campus events
FYS = First Year Seminar

When you and your roommate figure out what CAB means:

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Philly Lingo:

If you hear something that sounds almost like a foreign language on campus, it might just be our Philly locals – or students that adapted to living here already.

SEPTA = the Philly public transit system
KOP = King of Prussia, one of the biggest malls in the U.S. – only 30 minutes away!
Wudder = aka water, H20, what you should hydrate with
Hoagie = a subway sandwich/hero – try one from Wawa ASAP
Water ice = a sweet release from every heat wave, sold at Rita’s all over the city; basically flavored slushies but better
The Birds = Eagles, you know, the NFL world champs, ever heard of ‘em?

You trying to translate Philly language:

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Whether you are a new student trying to adapt to Jefferson Student Life or a prospective student visiting campus, I hope you now feel better equipped to use Jefferson jargon in everyday life. TTYL, and see you at White Corners!