A Day in the Life of a Textile Materials Technology Major

Welcome to our new series, A Day in the Life. Each week, a different student will give a sneak peek into what life is like as a Jefferson student. This week, we are kicking things off with one our lead Rambassadords, Kellyn!

Hi, my name is Kellyn Kemmerer and I am a senior Textile Materials Technology major here at Jefferson. As a senior involved in clubs, works a part time job, and, of course, has classes, sometime my schedule can be pretty busy, but it’s full of things I love. Follow along with me on a typical day in my life.

8:45am – Get to campus for the day. Head to Kanbar Student Center to get my morning cup of tea before going to class. I love walking on campus in the morning while it’s still quiet and before the craziness of the day has actually started.


9:30am – Go to Hallmarks Capstone, my first class of the day. Being in this class, the culmination of all of my General Education core, really means I am officially graduating soon – can’t believe it!


10:45am – Quick break before my next class. Usually I like to log on to the @hercampusjefferson Instagram account, which I run, to put up a post for the day. Her Campus is a club focused on writing by college women, for college women. I love being part of something that’s so empowering and fun!


11:00am – Next class! Intro to CAD, which is all about learning Photoshop and Illustrator. These are brand new types of art forms to me and it’s neat being able to learn something I never knew before, every single class.


12:20pm – Still in class and I’m praying no one can hear my stomach rumbling. Time to log on to Common Thread Express to order my favorite lunch, one of their signature grain bowls, for me to pick up when class is over.


12:45pm – Out of class and sprinting to Common Thread so I can pick up my lunch. I love ordering from the Express window, both because the food is great and talking to Ms. Pat, the chef, always brightens up my day.


1:00pm – I have a 45 minute break before my next class, so it’s time to eat and study for a possible pop quiz…and probably spend a few minutes procrastinating with Netflix.

1:45pm – Time for Color, Dyeing, and Finishing, my textile chemistry course. This class is typically regarded as the most difficult for my major, but I really enjoy every minute of class. I learn something new each day!


3:00pm – Classes over for the day – time to head to the gym. I love having a gym right on campus to use, it makes it way easier to stay motivated to get a workout in a few times a week.


4:15pm – Headed home to relax a little, eat an early dinner, and figure out what homework I need to get done.


6:00pm – With one of my weave collections due soon, I like to spend some time each day putting some work on my loom. I head back to campus and into studio in Hayward, where I can just put in my headphones and weave. I think it’s even a little relaxing to do this and is a great day to wind down for the night.

8:00pm – Back home for the night and I’m going to work a little bit on my Color, Dyeing, and Finishing Lab Report. Every week we study the science between working with different dyes and fabrics, so I’ll need to do some  research on how the last dye we used functioned.

9:30pm – Time to cozy up, turn on an episode of my favorite show, and relax for a while before going to sleep.


10:30pm – My eyes feel heavy and I think it’s time to call it a pretty early night – I’m going to sunrise yoga tomorrow morning, need to make sure I’m not so tired I’ll fall asleep on my mat!

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