A Day in the Life of a Fashion Design Major

Welcome to our new series, A Day in the Life. Every other week, a different student will give a sneak peek into what life is like as a Jefferson student. This week, one of our very talented Rambassadors, Carly, will be taking us behind the scenes of a typical day in her life.

Hi everyone! My name is Carly McAndrew and I am a junior fashion design major. Junior year is pretty much the thick of it; between all of my classes, clubs and activities, as well as an internship search, I’m always on the go. Stay tuned to find out what a day in my life is like!

8:00 am- My first class is Pattern Development II. This is one of my studios, so most days are spent working on our various projects and collections. Today, we are working on a red evening wear gown for the American Heart Association. The top four dresses are selected to be put in the Macy’s Center City Window!

11:00 am- Next, I have Biology for Design, which is part of the curriculum for the School of Design, Engineering and Commerce. This curriculum brings together majors ranging from Fashion Design to Engineering to Business to collaborate within transdisciplinary learning. This course in particular had us find an environmental issue and look for potential solutions. Since many of my classmates in my group are design majors, as well as Fashion Merchandising and Management, we are analyzing the negative effects of textile dying. I think it’s important to be aware of such a pressing issue within my own industry so that when I work, I can take a more sustainable approach.

12:00 pm- Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30pm-2:30pm we have break period, a time where no one has class on campus! Clubs usually meet during break period. I am on the executive board for Fashion Industries Association (FIA), and we put on the annual spring fashion show every year that features all student work from fashion and textile design. It’s the largest student-run fashion show across the nation! Last year, my children’s wear collection made it down the runway! You can check out some footage from last year’s show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-a0Hq5L2fo&t=57s

12:30 pm- After the FIA meeting, I usually head over to Common Thread, one of the two dining halls on campus, and grab a grain bowl. My favorite part about Common Thread is that there is an Express app where we can order ahead of time and pick it up on the way to class. This is a life saver on the days I’m in more of a rush. Plus, they’re delicious and one of the healthier options we have on campus!

1:00 pm- Once I’m done eating lunch I head on over to my next studio, and last class of the day: Fashion Design. I love this class, primarily because it’s a great portfolio builder. We do sketchbook work, concept and fabric boards, illustrations and flats, covering the entire design process up to production. The final project is a scholarship project for Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). The top four are selected to move on to the next round, and mine was one of them! I love how this kind of project is integrated into the curriculum because if not, I would have never known about it. It’s another great resume builder too! This class also helped produce projects that helped me land an internship at Abercrombie and Fitch this coming summer! *Editor’s note: Carly is too humble, but around 10,000 students applied for this internship!* Jefferson has amazing connections with so many recruiters, and our job placement rating of 97% is proof of that. Between the career fair, design expo, and all the on campus interviews we have, there’s so much opportunity!

4:00 pm- My classes are done for the day and around this time I usually had back to my apartment. My roommates and I love to go out to eat and explore the different restaurants around us. One of our favorite places to go is the Couch Tomato in Manayunk, which is only five minutes away. They have the best tomato soup!

6:00 pm- I will try and start my homework around this time. Usually, I head back over to Hayward Hall, where the studios are to continue sewing my red dress!

10:00 pm- Later in the night I have my chapter meeting for my sorority, Theta Phi Alpha. Going to these meetings and seeing all my friends is a nice way to wind down after a busy day. Here we discuss different events for the upcoming week. A popular one we host often during break period is making PB&Js for the homeless! Another one of my favorites is Greek Week which involves different competitions between our two social sororities and two social fraternities on campus.

11:00 pm- After chapter I head back home, and if I’m lucky I’ve already gotten all my homework done. If not, it’s back off to the studio! Even though there can be some late nights working on my collections, I would not change a thing about being a Fashion Design major. Not only have I made some of my best work in those studios, but I’ve also made the best of friends. And now I get to go abroad to Italy with these lovely people, doing what we love! The past three years have been some of the best yet and I can’t wait to see what the last one has in store.

I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse at my life, and hopefully I get to see some of your faces on campus next year!