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If you’ve been poking around the site and have some ideas/additions/comments you’d like to share, this is the place.

We set this up, but it’s your space. Teaching can be isolating work. Let’s change that. Your input will make this a collaborative space packed with great ideas!

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  1. Joe Yeager says:

    A nice article that I posted in Blackboard to my CSSEM 300 class earlier this week.

  2. At the college level and with technology doing ~95% of the job, grammar should be correct when submitted by students. It is also understood that we have students from all different backgrounds and abilities attending and do not want to dissuade them from continuing coursework. But once out in the workplace, poor grammar will reflect unfavorably on the student/worker in total.

    In my view, we do our students a disservice by ignoring anything improperly composed as part of “completed” project. I correct grammar but do get questions from students wondering if I took points away for poor diction or misspellings.

    p.s. I think an activity surrounding the importance of grammar and spelling as a addition to curriculum is a great idea and I will incorporate in my next course syllabus.

    • kurilkom says:

      Well said, Sandra. Of course we want to be inclusive and respectful of cultural nuances and the like, but preparation for the workplace we’re in is key. Organizations in the U.S. overwhelmingly require the use of standard English, which includes a reasonable grasp of grammar rules.

      Thanks for your comment!

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