The CPS Student

If there’s one thing CPS students have in common, it’s determination to finish their degree. They come to us with different backgrounds after academic experiences at other colleges and universities. A student must have at least 30 transferable credits to apply to our program; it’s not uncommon for students to have attended three or four schools before coming to CPS.

Along with their diverse backgrounds, some students have been away from school a long time. Many are intimidated and anxious about their ability to handle academic work again.

Time management is a special concern. They juggle full-time jobs, families and other responsibilities. And while we should remember the constraints on students’ time outside of class, we must be sure that we set college-level standards and have students stick to them.

Adult students sometimes believe an accelerated program is easier than a traditional day experience. It’s your job to be sure they receive the full quality and rigorous education of our undergraduate accelerated Bachelor of Science degrees.

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