#DesignYourFuture: An interview with international student, Andrii Demko

Name: Andrii Demko

Major: iMBA Andrii


A little background on you

I’m originally from Ukraine and currently an iMBA student at Philadelphia University. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I started a couple of businesses back home in Ukraine, I own a patent, and I’ve just always liked to work for myself.

What is The Mobile Cards?

The Mobile Cards is a software that creates, manages, and analyze loyalty cards, coupons, and event tickets in Apple and Google mobile wallets. Website: www.themobilecards.com

We believe that consumers’ loyalty is the highest value. The Mobile Cards helps businesses to increase consumers’ loyalty, retain current consumers and attract new ones using new technologies.

What makes us unique is the way we do business, it’s not just a Saas, it’s a set of it solutions that deeply links company’s POS, CRM or a loyalty program with their consumers via mobile phones without developing an app using Apple and Google Wallets.


How did you come up with this?

Once I looked at all cards in my friend’s wallet and thought that they sucked. It was in 2003. I wanted to have one simple and beautiful place to store them. 10 years after Apple introduced their wallet. Couple years after I’ve found developers who could do a system around them.

What are you currently doing to build?

Looking for customers, reiterating the product and idea, etc

What should we expect to see from you and The Mobile Cards in the next few months?

In few months we will sign up a nation wide company.

Any insider tip for entrepreneurs out there?

They need to create a situation, where there is no way NOT to do anything. For me it’s the time when my visa will expire, I don’t have time to plan a plan. I need to do something, anything, right now, even yesterday, because if I couldn’t make what I’m planning, I will have to go back.

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