The Chosen 8: Top Ram 2015 Highlights


The Top Ram for this year (2015) is Renee Kakareka. Renee is a senior Industrial Design Major here at PhilaU working on wearable technology for the hearing impaired.

This year was a good one. The quality of business ideas presented, along with the research conducted to support these ideas were impressive.

After 24 submissions, we selected the top 8 to present in front of 5 judges. Each presentation was about 7 minutes with 3 minutes allowed for Q&A.

The top 8 finalists for 2015:

Elliot Harris (SD MBA)

Village Lift Financial: Village Lift Financial is focused on re-designing the access to and function of financial services to better address the pains of low income households seeking to better their lives and potentially build wealth.


Juliana Coculo + Team (Undergraduate)

AgraVore: A vegan and vegetarian fast food restaurant, that provides customers with a convenient service through healthy and tasty late-night options.


Peter Aston + Team (Undergraduate)

WeDrive: A service that allows car buyers to test drive the latest models of cars for a whole day without having to deal with car salesmen and stress of drop offs. WeDrive brings the car to you and picks it up so you may test drive as many cars as you please.


Dyandra Brown (MS. Global Fashion Enterprise)

Boutique Your Closet: A full service company that provides closet customization and organization with a unique twist. Emphasis is placed on fashion and social trends to bring glamour to the working woman.


Andrii Demko ( iMBA )trw

The Mobile Cards: This is a loyalty cards, coupons, and event ticket provider software and app that allows businesses to engage better and easier with consumers through their mobile phones.


Renee Kakareka (Industrial Design)

oLive: A social enterprise creating assisted devices for change around the world.


Sujha Balaji (MS. Global Fashion Enterprise)

Cushions n’ Curtains: A soft furnishings company that provides quality curtains and cushions at affordable prices to keep your home on-trend and in-season.


Evan Prince + Team (Undergraduate)

Custom Cups: A revolutionary bra and underwear company that takes underwear comfort and style to new heights by using a one-of-a-kind sizing technique, and “build-a-bra” approach.


oLive, Village Lift Financial, and Cushions n’ Curtains and in the strategy and planning phase of their business and we can’t wait for their launch. Boutique Your Closet and The Mobile Cards have already launched. Check out their websites! It is worth it. Agravore WeDrive and Custom Cups were ideas out of class projects but we hope that someone from these teams would stick with it and pursue these ideas further.

Thank you all for attending and participating.


Until next time!

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