Young Alumni Spotlight — Alicia Pinckney ’13


Alicia Pinckney, Fashion Design ’13

Tell me about yourself. Describe your professional background.
My name is Alicia Pinckney and I am a menswear designer from Philadelphia. I graduated from PhilaU in 2013 and spent time building my own menswear brand, G. Leon and gaining experience with companies through freelance projects. I am now currently living in Milan, Italy pursuing my Master’s in Fashion Design at Domus Academy. I received the opportunity through a competition by Vogue Italia, in which I placed first. I hope to graduate and evolve as a professional, entrepreneur and designer.

Why did you choose Philadelphia University for your college education?
I chose Philadelphia University because I loved the curriculum and the overall insight I would receive on the industry by learning every market and production channel.

G. Leon editorialWhy and how did you choose your career path?  I’ve always had a passion for design since I was young. I loved art and found a way to translate that through fashion.  PhilaU helped me explore different markets and I set my heart on menswear.

For you, what was the most valuable part of your PhilaU education?  Did your PhilaU education influence your career path?
The most valuable part of my education was the network and experience. The curriculum intricately covered a lot of necessary details in the industry that I found myself relying on during internships and freelance jobs.

Tell me about any challenges you’ve faced in your career and how you overcame them.
Some challenges I faced were not feeling good enough. The freelance positions I took on had the possibility of turning into something permanent. However, after each assignment ended, I was presented with another great opportunity. Everything truly happens for a reason and I found myself using my journey as a learning experience, taking with me vital lessons along the way.

Tell me about the most rewarding/interesting part of your career.
The most rewarding part of my career is seeing the complete product of my garments or collections after going through the stages in production. The end result is motivation to persevere through the stages.

What are the guiding principles that you feel have helped you succeed in your career?
Some guiding principles that help me on my journey to success are hard work, perseverance, resilience, being a team player and always standing by your word.

watercolor men copyTell me a little about your life outside of work.  How do you balance work and life
Outside of work, I find the things that are in my work apart of my daily life. I love to travel and in that, I find a lot of inspiration that I can bring back to work.  I’m an explorer; I love being inspired and learning new things. I also love to write, paint and spend time with the people who I love.

If you could pass along a lesson to current PhilaU students and recent grads, what would it be?
The sky is not the limit. Don’t allow anything to box you in or make you feel you are unworthy of dreaming big. Making those dreams a reality is possible with hard work and planning. Use your resources and build great relationships with professors, mentors and employers; people who have walked the path that you desire and with whom you can consult with for advice.

Will you participate in Milan Fashion Week? Are you excited to experience Fashion Week in a different country?
Yes, I will be attending a couple events and helping with one of the shows! I’m excited to be involved as an observer. I can’t wait to be able to participate as a designer eventually. I have featured in multiple Philadelphia Fashion week shows and Brooklyn fashion week, to be present during the Milan Fashion week will be an amazing experience

What is your opinion on Milan fashion trends?
Milan is known for their pristine fashion, to be surrounded by great style is truly exciting!

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