News: 2015

PhilaU Graphic Design + the National Constitution Center Voting and all-things Election Related Systems Design Collaboration


The results of the industry-sponsored collaboration with PhilaU Graphic Design and the National Constitution Center Voting and all-things Election Related Systems Design project are in and the winners are: First Place: Colin Hyland; Second Place: Caroline Noebels; Third Place: Kelly Syzmanowski; and Honorable Mentions to Ronnie Alley, Jenna Granville, Veronica Llamas. Overall there was some wonderful work on display in the DEC Center for the review.


End of Fall 2015 Semester Final Reviews


It’s been a very busy—and productive—semester culminating with the rites of passage of every semester: the ritual known as Final Reviews. There was some wonderfully creative work produced and displayed during all-class reviews for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in the Graphic Design Communication program as students prepared the hard work they accomplished for review by faculty, fellow students and invited guests.


Graphic Design Students Represent at 2015 Collab Competition


Several Junior-year Graphic Design Communication students were recognized in the 2015 Collab Student Design Competition sponsored by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Molly Coleman won First Honorable Mention, while Ghadeer Helal was awarded  the People’s Choice. In total eight PhilaU Graphic Design Juniors from the Advanced Typography (Design 5) course had work chosen by the judges to be on display for one week at the Museum. In addition to Molly and Ghadeer, students recognized were Christina Franey, Emily Hennegan, Brittany Koelmel, Aubrey Kohl, Christina Schipani, and Kelli Seiple. The project was taught by Adjunct Professor, Steve DeCusatis.


Alumni Profile: Kathryn Stracquatanio, Technical Lead, Bluecadet, Philadelphia

Hoover-Mason Trestle: website and mobile app development. Bluecadet

This just in from alum Katie Stracquatanio (PhilaU GDC, 2008): I graduated Philadelphia University in 2008 with a Graphic Design degree in hand, looking to land a job. After meeting with a recruiter and showing all my print portfolio pieces, they matched me with the perfect job… a developer position. I started out on a trial basis and furiously Googled my way into a semi-functioning developer. I taught myself Flash banners, emails, and figured out how to hobble together a small website.


Baseman Visits Alma Mater


Professor and Program Director Frank Baseman visited Penn State recently—his undergraduate alma mater—where he reviewed portfolios of the current senior class and gave a lecture. Frank presented, “A Designer That Teaches; A Teacher That Designs. Recent Projects: Work and Teaching.” While visiting Penn State Frank spent some time with one of his mentors, Professor Emeritus Lanny Sommese.

PhilaU Graphic Design Discovery Day 2016: Fri. March 4, 2016


PhilaU Graphic Design Discovery Day 2016

For Accepted and Interested Students

The Graphic Design Communication program at Philadelphia University will be hosting Graphic Design Discovery Day 2016 on Friday, March 4, 2016 from 11:00am to 4:00pm. This event, held mostly in the DEC Center, is specially designed for Accepted and Interested Students and will provide the deepest dive to what our program is like. Visit classes; meet current and prospective students; and hear from successful alumni. Register NOW! For more information contact Professor Frank Baseman at or Admissions at Illustration and Design: Arielle Cifuentes (PhilaU GDC, 2016).


Posters Against Ebola Exhibition


Roughly one year ago, the Ebola epidemic was raging, and Associate Professor Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel began inviting designers to participate in the Posters Against Ebola project. This project provided an opportunity for designers to express ideas, solutions and opinions about this horrible disease and the human reaction to it. The resulting collection consists of 51 posters dealing with a wide variety of topics, some of which include the politics of medical research funding, racism, media sensationalism and U.S. responsibility. All of the posters are for sale, with 100% of  the proceeds benefitting Doctors Without Borders.


Alumni Profile: Sam Gensburg, UI Designer, Chicago


I accepted a Package Design position at a large electronics company about a month after graduation. Having degrees in both Industrial Design and Graphic Design from Philadelphia University it seemed like an ideal environment to start. The job was in New York, a place I thought I’d never live, but sometimes one goes where opportunity takes them. The company was primarily Korean (including the design team), which made for a unique—but fun—work environment. Although my title was Package Designer, I got to have a hand on all design elements including print ads, product specs, and exhibit design. Sadly, in 2011 the company declared bankruptcy and it was back to the (job) hunt for me.


PhilaU Graphic Design and NCC Collaboration Interim Crit


A good time was had by all at the interim “Halloween Crit” for the PhilaU Graphic Design and National Constitution Center (NCC) Collaboration project. Several of the senior-year Graphic Design students dressed up for Halloween as we hosted our client visitors for an interim pin-up critique of the students’ work in progress on this industry-sponsored project. We were joined for the crit by our alum, John Pugh (PhilaU GDC, 2010), Senior Exhibition Designer at the National Constitution Center; Stephanie Reyer, Vice President of Exhibitions at NCC; Julia Fiorello, former Creative Services Manager at NCC; and Adjunct Professor Rose DiSanto.


Professor Renee Walker Keynote Speaker at Phoenix Design Week


Assistant Professor Renee Walker and her business partner Heidi Meredith were invited to be keynote speakers at Phoenix Design Week’s Method & Madness Conference. They spoke about their bi-coastal studio Gold Collective. The theme Method & Madness was a perfect fit for Gold as they are known for their experimental making techniques and non-traditional studio practices.