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Graphic Design Discovery Day 2018 and Real World Jefferson Graphic Design Alumni Event


The Graphic Design Communication program proudly welcomed back a stellar lineup of alums at the annual Real World 2018 Jefferson Graphic Design Alumni event. The seats were packed in the DEC Center Forum with prospective students and parents attending the Graphic Design Discovery Day, as well as current students (regardless that their attendance was required!) to hear the “pearls of wisdom” offered by those that have made their way in the real world (yes, there is life after college!).


PhilaU Graphic Design Discovery Day 2017: Friday March 3, 2017


PhilaU Graphic Design Discovery Day 2017
For Accepted and Interested Students

The Graphic Design Communication program at Philadelphia University will be hosting Graphic Design Discovery Day 2017 on Friday, March 3, 2017 beginning at 11:00am. This event, held mostly in the DEC Center, is specially designed for Accepted and Interested Students and will provide the deepest dive to what our program is like. Visit classes; meet current and prospective students; and hear from successful alumni. For more information contact Admissions at


Aaron Draplin’s Pretty Much Everything Workshop and Lecture


On the Spring leg of his book tour, influential designer Aaron Drapkin gave an exciting, jam-packed lecture at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University). Draplin also led a logo development workshop with current students.


PhilaU Graphic Design End of Fall 2016 Semester Reviews and Nexus Learning


A tradition that we have here in the PhilaU Graphic Design Communication program is to have end of semester “All-Class Reviews.” That is, we gather the students by “cohort” (all Sophomores, all Juniors, etc.) to see what they have been up to, and after being in the program just one semester students know and understand this tradition. It is a time to come together as a larger class (not just a few sections), to be with friends, peers and colleagues; and it is a great way for the overall faculty to conduct assessment of what is happening in the program. To take a pulse of the program if you will. And if this past Fall 2016 semester is any indication, the work coming out of the program at this moment is very strong!


PhilaU Day of Giving 2017 Industry-Sponsored Project


As a part of the Design 5 Introduction to Branding and Identity course during the Fall 2016 semester junior-year students were tasked to work on the branding and identity of the 2017 PhilaU Day of Giving. This annual philanthropic event engages all members of the PhilaU community—current students, faculty and staff, alumni—to gather, energize and mobilize to raise funds for scholarships and other activities at the University. Students were asked to design a cohesive, creative approach to raise awareness about the event.


AIGA PhilaU Student Group Field Trip to Lead Graffiti Letterpress Shop


Some student members of the AIGA PhilaU student group recently took a field trip to Newark, Delaware to get their hands dirty at Lead Graffiti, a fabulous letterpress facility. Students worked hands-on with wood type and letterpresses in a workshop led by Lead Graffiti owners, Ray Nichols and Jill Cypher. The workshop was created in honor of H.N Werkmen, and to learn about the history of typography and letterpress printing. The students had a great time for the afternoon stepping away from the computer and working with their hands with letterforms off-screen.



Employer Panel Discussion Features PhilaU Graphic Design Alums


A recent panel discussion sponsored by Career Services held at PhilaU featured three PhilaU Graphic Design alums from the Archer Group of Wilmington, DE. Michael Mayton, Creative Director (PhilaU GDC, 2008), Giovanni Frias (PhilaU GDC, 2014), and Bruno Forcine (PhilaU GDC, 2015) participated in the panel discussion entitled “What Employers are Looking for in Portfolio.” The alums spoke to students about what employers look for in a successful portfolio and provided helpful tips to help students land their dream job.


AIGA Philly Open Studio Tours


By Charlotte Rymar (PhilaU GDC, 2018)

AIGA Philly Open Studio Tours began recently, and three PhilaU Graphic Design juniors were lucky enough to visit DiD Agency’s newly built studio in downtown Philadelphia! DiD Agency is an independent healthcare advertising agency that takes pride in creating emotional relationships with the consumer using insight-driven, inspiring brand stories. The studio tour was a great insight into the “day in the life” of an ad agency, and tips and tricks for resume’s, portfolios, and going into the professional world. Some great take-aways: don’t be afraid to take chances; even something beautifully designed can fall flat if there’s no direction; and no matter what your career or job may be, it’s about being able to connect to people on a human level.


Design + Illustration + Collaboration + Integration


Two of PhilaU Graphic Design’s finest, Adjunct Professors Steve DeCusatis and Mario Zucca, gave a presentation of their respective work and led a workshop at this year’s Tandem Design Conference, the annual student-run design conference held at PhilaU. Their lecture “Design + Illustration + Collaboration + Integration” covered their journeys since graduating from Tyler School of Art. Steve and Mario discussed being business owners and educators, integrating workflows, and collaborations on many projects. Various work and interdisciplinary collaborations with other designers, illustrators, animators, clients and more were shared with students and professionals alike.


Happy 35th Birthday AIGA Philadelphia!

With over 100 years of history to draw from, AIGA, the professional association for design, has been around for quite awhile. Founded in 1914 in New York City as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, AIGA now has more than 25,000 members nationwide from more than 70 local chapters. In 1981 some bold designers in Philadelphia formed the first of these local chapters, which became AIGA Philadelphia. To help celebrate it’s 35th Anniversary, AIGA Philadelphia asked 35 designers to each design a poster to celebrate the chapter’s birthday. Recently there was an exhibition and party to celebrate this wonderful collection of posters.