NEWS: 2013

PhilaU Field Trip to Masonville Cove, Baltimore, MD

news_program_masonville1On a recent Friday the entire senior-year Graphic Design Communication class—along with three faculty members—took a field-trip to Baltimore, MD to meet with representatives of the Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center, our industry-sponsored client for the Fall 2013 semester. The senior-year students are enrolled in GRAPH 401. Design 7, Systems Design Integration course. In this required, major studio course each student will create an Integrated Marketing Design System to consist of: a Public Awareness Campaign; a 16-page plus Cover Publication design; and the design of an App or Website. Other deliverables are possible as the students propose their own Design System.

news_program_masonville2Masonville Cove is located on 70 acres of water and 54 acres of cleaned-up land including wetlands, nature trails, and a protected bird sanctuary. The Masonville project developed from mitigation tied to the creation of a Dredged Material Containment Facility (DMCF) by the Maryland Port Administration (MPA). This created an opportunity for the local residents and schoolchildren (from Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, and Cherry Hill) to connect with their natural environment and participate in meaningful stewardship projects related to Masonville Cove and their communities.

news_program_masonville3news_program_masonville4MPA worked with the Brooklyn and Curtis Bay Coalition (BayBrook), the Living Classrooms Foundation, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore to create the Masonville Cove Environmental Education Campus (MCEEC). Maryland Environmental Service coordinates the mitigation project. The MCEEC has been a model for community involvement and environmental awareness from its inception to its opening as a landmark urban environmental education center. The sustainable growth of this urban wilderness conservation area and its wetlands will remind the community that they are a part of something positive for generations to come.

On the clear, mild morning of Thursday, September 26, Masonville Cove Environmental Education Campus became the nation’s first Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership in a ceremony attended by over 100 local community members and government officials. “We're creating an outdoor classroom,” said Maryland Congressman John Sarbanes in his brief address. “And by having the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service...designate this as the first Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership in the country is a declaration that we’re going to make sure that students, anywhere they live and anywhere they go to school, are going to have access to these sorts of outdoor opportunities.” The creation of Urban Wildlife Refuges is part of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service initiative that aims to make nature and conservation issues more relevant for citydwelling Americans.

news_program_masonville5After the visit to Masonville Cove the group traveled to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for a visit to the National Aquarium. The students were accompanied on the trip by the Design 7 faculty: Rose DiSanto, Visiting Assistant Professor; Bob Warkulwiz, Adjunct Professor; and Frank Baseman, Associate Professor and Program Director. All in all, a blast was had by all. Stay tuned for further information regarding this industry-sponsored project.