NEWS: 2013

Results of Industry-Sponsored Masonville Cove Systems Design Project

news_program_masonvillecrit1What began as an information gathering and research field trip at the beginning of the semester to Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center in Baltimore, MD—our industry-sponsored client for the Fall 2013 semester—culminated in senior-year Graphic Design Communication students presenting the results of their impressive work to representatives from Masonville Cove. The format was a“poster session,” which was open to the public and we were very pleased to see many students, administrators and, of course, the clients in attendance.

In this required, major studio course each student created an integrated marketing design system consisting of a public awareness campaign; a 16-page + cover publication design; and the design of an app or website to promote Masonville Cove. Some students also presented other deliverables as part of their overall proposed design system. The most important aspect of this project was for students to understand the concept of a design system, and to demonstrate how this design system can be utilized over several pieces and—in this case—over different media.

news_program_masonvillecrit2news_program_masonvillecrit3Masonville Cove is located on 70 acres of water and 54 acres of cleaned-up land including wetlands, nature trails, and a protected bird sanctuary in Baltimore, MD. Masonville Cove was recently named the nation’s first Urban Wildlife Refuge—and only 1 of 10 in the country—by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The creation of Urban Wildlife Refuges is part of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service initiative that aims to make nature and conservation issues more relevant for citydwelling Americans.

Several projects were selected for consideration to possibly be implemented by Masonville Cove. Stay tuned for further details.

Projects Noted for Design Excellence: First Place: Kristine Marie Garcia; Second Place: Carolina Barbosa; Third Place: Iryna Romanyshyn. Honorable Mention (Systems Design): Sarah Bui; Abby Cook; Elissa Flanigan; Danielle Knauer; Brittany Olson; Nadin Radwan; Kristin Ward; Tori Wischerth; Kerine Zulli. Honorable Mention (Identity/Logo): Sarah Bui; Jacqueline Maddox. Client Consideration: Vicci Ewing; Elissa Flanigan; Nadin Radan; Kerine Zulli.