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Traverse Brand Identity and Design System
Traverse Brand Identity and Design System

Capstone 2014: Traverse Brand Identity and Design System

Design by Victoria Wischerth As a young adult I have been very fortunate to be able to travel to many other countries. I know that this is a very rare occurrence for many high school students. Traveling has many benefits for anyone, but especially for young adults. It is a shame that more young adults are not able to travel and reap all the benefits. I took this idea of traveling and helping young adults to experience it and turned it into my Capstone project. Traverse is a non-profit company that aims to send inner city high school students abroad for little to no cost to the parents.

There are several parts to the project Traverse. First, since it is a non-profit, the money has to come primarily from donations. I created a donor mailer that invites a select few to join the Traveler’s Society. This society provides members certain benefits in hopes that they will donate money to the program. Next, I created a parents’ guide, which explains why traveling is important and why they should choose Traverse for their children. It also provides examples of places that their children can travel to, including itineraries of the trips. Lastly, it explains how to communicate with their child when they are abroad.

The mobile application is designed specifically for the students that are going on the trip. Each student will get a username when they sign up for the trip, which will allow them to use all the features within the app, including checklists, photos, messaging, card information, important documents, and location. The features of the application are important to helping the student get ready before the trip and then adjusting to being abroad for what might be the first time.