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Scout's Honor Game
Scout's Honor Game (detail)

Capstone 2011: Scout’s Honor Game

Design and Illustration by Doug Lipnitz. As we were told during Senior year, your Capstone project was supposed to be something challenging, and to possibly solve an issue that you personally encountered. I have been involved in Boy Scouts my entire life, and I have achieved the highest honor Scouting has to offer: Eagle Scout. It is no exaggeration to say that Scouting has shaped me into the man I am today. It's a great organization that can teach young boys a great deal—from outdoor skills and life skills, to things about themselves they could never find out on their own. From my investigation, there were two problems I identified with Scouting: Recruitment and Advancement/Lectures. Through this game I was looking to provide a fun way for Scouts to learn their outdoor skills and knowledge, as well as showing other young boys what Scouting is all about. The game itself follows through the life of a Boy Scout and what they may encounter through their many adventures. Along the way one picks up skills to conquer other tasks that may lie ahead. Everything about the game is based on Scouting, from the refurbished Scout backpack to the board design of the outdoors. As you progress through the life of a Boy Scout you obtain merit badges, as all Scouts must do in real life. Whoever has the most merit badges at the end of the game wins, promoting the idea of winning through knowledge and not by speed.