Angela Yeh Comes To PhilaU
















This Wednesday April 29 at 6pm in the DEC Forum Angela Yeh, president and founder of Yeh IDeology will be joining us to share anecdotes and insights from over 15 years in the talent recruiting industry. Learn what opportunities are out there today, how the industry is changing, and what you need to do to take control of your career path, market your talent, and brand your passion.

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Hero-Inspired Design
















PhilaU ID Freshman Jackson Gordon has designed and built his own fully-functional, life-size Batsuit. While taking his inspiration from superhero mythology, Gordon incorporated some very real capabilities into the final design, including making the suit both impact- and knife-resistant. Gordon’s design has recently attracted attention from a wide array of media outlets inlcuding Time, Buzzfeed, CNET, Popular Mechanics, and Boing Boing. Click here for a short feature about the project by the local Philadelphia FOX affiliate.

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Most Modest for HighTower

Justin Champaign and Ben Salthouse of Most Modest.










PhilaU ID alum Ben Salthouse, half of the San Francisco design team Most Modest, recently created several new furniture designs for HighTower that are now in production. Both the Jaxson Stool and the Linden Table Series beautifully combine simplicity of form with maximum functionality. Find out more about Most Modest and the entire range of designs they’ve created for HighTower here.

The Jaxson Stool and Linden Table Series by Most Modest for HighTower.

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ID Sprint 2015: The Future of Retail

The Kanbar Performance Space during the Final Sprint Crit.

By Haley Kmetz

Imagine shopping for camping equipment using holographic technology to visualize the terrain of your destination, watching videos stream on a floor-to-ceiling social media wall as you check out GoPros, or visiting pop-up stores to test and purchase the latest technology gadgets. Those are just a few of the innovations PhilaU ID students came up with during a recent one-week sprint challenge by industry sponsor Fleetwood Fixtures to envision a futuristic retail shopping experience in brick and mortar stores.

Student design teams presented to groups of faculty and clients from Fleetwood.

“I’m extremely impressed with each and every one of your projects,” Alan Adilman, director of design services at Fleetwood Fixtures, told students at the sprint’s final presentations in the Kanbar Campus Center Performance Space. Some 150 industrial design majors, from freshmen to graduate students, worked in 30 teams to conceptualize, design and prototype their design solutions as part of the fast-paced project.

Representatives from Fleetwood Fixtures, a custom fixtures and furnishings provider based in Leesport, Pa., kicked off the sprint Feb. 3 by revealing the design challenge and introducing students to their firm’s corporate culture and emerging industry trends. The Fleetwood Fixtures team provided feedback and advice midway through the sprint.

At the final presentations at the end of the week, students came prepared with research, sketches, renderings, videos, app designs, and prototypes for retail stores. Three teams were selected as winners by Fleetwood and the assembled team of PhilaU ID faculty.

Judges awarded one team’s design of a customizable tablet for Google that could be robotically assembled in just minutes in stores. Team member Nick Friez, a junior, said, “instead of receiving your tablet in the mail, you now get the experience of building it in stores.”

After the team presentations, the judges met to decide on the winning projects.

Another winning design was a terrain simulation lab for La Sportiva. “The challenge really gave us the opportunity to be creative,” team member, sophomore Evan Gasparini, said. Judges also awarded a plan to capitalize on a target market’s appreciation for design by selling The Sugar Lab’s customized 3-D candies as souvenirs at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Götz Unger, director of the undergraduate industrial design program, said this challenge called on a more diverse set of design skills than did past sprints. “We had everything from the design of apps, interior design and user-experience design,” Unger said. “They really did immerse themselves in this project like never before.” Scott Smith, vice president of human resources at Fleetwood Fixtures, said the project prepared students well for real-world industrial design challenges. “The interdisciplinary nature of this project parallels how we have to operate every day,” he said.

Special thanks go out to everyone who made this great experience possible including the team at Fleetwood, the design teams of both grad and undergrad ID students, and the PhilaU ID faculty.

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The 2015 Sprint Project Is Underway!

For our Spring 2015 ID Sprint Project, the PhilaU Industrial Design Department has partnered with Fleetwood Fixtures, a world-class provider of exceptional custom retail fixtures and furnishings.

Fleetwood has challenged the students to envision and design a retail experience that exists 10 years in the future. It’s a brief with exceptional demands and extrordinary freedom. Using Fleetwood’s core competencies as a starting point, students are free to create a retail experience for the brand of their choosing.

Special attention is paid to the connection of the physical and digital worlds as students seek new ways to deliver meaningful content and extend the experience beyond the initial retail location. This year, 30 teams of industrial design graduate students and undergrads are participating. We’re looking forward to an array of great results!

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DesignIntelligence Ranks PhilaU Industrial Design Programs Among Top in Nation

Philadelphia University graduate and undergraduate industrial design programs were ranked among the best in the country in the latest report by DesignIntelligence.

Nationally, the M.S. in Industrial Design program was ranked number seven among graduate programs. In the East, both undergraduate and graduate industrial design programs were cited as top academic programs, with the undergraduate program ranking third and the graduate program ranking fourth in the region.

In addition to being ranked among the best overall programs, PhilaU’s undergraduate industrial design program was cited as the second most admired in the nation in the DI survey of academic leaders in industrial design, including deans and department heads. PhilaU industrial design programs also were ranked second nationally for cross-disciplinary teamwork and fifth nationally in educating industrial design.

These findings were included in DesignIntelligence’s latest report, America’s Best Architecture & Design Schools 2015. Based on a survey of hiring firms to determine the schools that best prepare students for success in the profession, the annual report is highly regarded as an indicator of top academic programs in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and industrial design. For more, click here.

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Sophomore Seating

The BsID first-semester Sophomores (Design 3 Studio) recently completed the final critique of their first full-size seating project. Each student created a seating solution in the form of a 100%-scale functional stool. The design of each stool was driven by user research and scenario-building exercises conducted individually by each student. That information was used to create an overall design which was then built in wood. The project emphasized several key facets of the design/build process including schedule development, selection and procurement of materials, and full-scale fabricating techniques.

Final designs assembled for the critique.

The entire studio benefitted from DEC Shop Manager Trevor Walsh’s contribution as a special consultant during the project. Students received individualized instruction from Trevor in their chosen fabrication techniques, from bent plywood to wood joinery. The project resulted in a wide array of seating solutions, each firmly grounded in reality.

Final designs assembled for the critique.


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The Boy With The Lego Hand

9-year-old Aidan Robinson using one of the new prosthetic designs.

PhilaU ID graduate Coby Unger (BsID ‘14), now an Artist in Residence at 3-D design software maker Autodesk, collaborated with students from KIDmob’s Superhero Cyborg Camp to design a new take on children’s prosthetics. The project was featured this month in The Atlantic. Click here to read the full article.

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Grad Students Collaborate with Johnson & Johnson

PhilaU MsID students, MBA business students and members of the Engineering Club are working together on a sponsored project with Johnson & Johnson.  Johnson & Johnson is a leading innovator and manufacturer of consumer health care products. This is the second year Johnson & Johnson has sponsored a project with graduate industrial design and business students. This year’s topic is innovation in Oral Care. Students have two weeks to complete the project which includes marketing research, opportunity finding, ideation and prototyping. Johnson & Johnson representatives have come to campus to provide students with insights in consumer health care needs and to discuss the challenges of creating products for mass consumption.

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Knoll Product Development Opened to Grad Students

PhilaU MsID students were recently invited to tour the factory, product development lab and museum at Knoll, one of the world’s premiere furniture manufacturers.  Knoll is known for producing timeless and high quality office furniture created by leading designers.

A view of the museum at Knoll's headquarters in East Greenville, PA.














Students were given a first-hand look at Knoll’s manufacturing process including the fabrication of the iconic Barcelona chair. Students also learned how design drives engineering efforts to create innovative products based on consumer behavior. One example was a case study of the development of the Generation chair, a chair that flexes with the movement and positions of the user. Extensive design and development resulted in a chair that is innovative in function, material usage and production methods. The visit provided students insight into how design affects the development and manufacturing process and awareness of the effort involved in bringing a product to the consumer. The tour coincides with a student project, “The Future of Work,”  based on creating smart devices and environmental systems.

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