PhilaU ID Heads into Summer with Record Internships Across the Program

_MG_8929Though the semester is officially over, the summer is an incredibly active period for students in the PhilaU ID program. It’s the time when they further immerse themselves in the world of design through professional internships.

This summer will see a record number of industrial design internships even among our Freshman and Sophomore classes. That’s because at PhilaU ID, we begin building our portfolios on day one of the program. Our process-focused approach ensures that strong portfolio content is the outcome of each project we do. Add to that the cross-disciplinary projects with industry-leading corporations that happen throughout the semester, and you have a powerful body of work assembled to help you compete for an internship.

It’s just one of the many things that make the PhilaU ID program utterly unique. We invite you to come see for yourself. Take a tour of our studios, sit in on a design critique, or shadow an ID student throughout a typical day. Let us show you how exciting ID can be. To make plans for a visit, just call PhilaU Admissions at: 215-951-2700.

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Tired Designers, Happy Clients: The ID Sprint Project Final Presentations

_MG_1662This year’s Industrial Design Sprint Project ended in front of a capacity crowd in the DEC Forum last Tuesday. The design staff from Noria Home were on hand with both the Grad and Undergrad ID faculty last Wednesday to review the results of the intensive week of  work. All 26 student teams presented their final designs for consideration to the roving groups of judges. The Top 3 Projects were then selected for recognition along with a special “Most Market-Ready” Award. Thanks to everyone who made this the most successful Sprint Project yet!_MG_1699_MG_1865_MG_1720_MG_1745_MG_1679_MG_1663

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Freshman ID Project Featured by Make Magazine

One of the final results from Design 1, the first studio class in the PhilaU undergraduate ID studio sequence, has been featured on the Make Magazine website:

See Woodcut Topography Come to Life with the Turn of a Crank

This DaVincian Machine Project was created by PhilaU ID Freshmen Charles Barilo, Peter Holderith and Zachary Samalonis. Using the principles of DaVincian Thinking, the team conceived, designed, tested, and built this wooden gear-driven topography, a machine-based interpretation of the Thomas Moran painting “Grand Canyon of the Colorado River”. Great work Charles, Peter and Zachary!

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Insight On Display at the ID Sprint Mid-Crit

sprint-8The team from Noria Home was back on campus Friday to participate in the Mid-Project Critique of the 2017 ID Sprint Project. This year, half of the teams are tasked with exploring new solutions in heating while the other half are explsprint-18oring cooling.

A wide array of insightful ideas was on display during the course of the afternoon. All 26 teams presented their research and development to both the client team and ID faculty members. Each team tracked the actionable insights from the feedback and direction provided in order to chart the way forward for the final segment of the project. Final Presentations from all teams will be given at the conclusion of the project this Tuesday.sprint-10


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The 2017 Sprint Project Is On!

17_sprint_kickoffThe annual ID Sprint Project is underway in the Hayward Hall Studios. Our partner for the project this year is Noria Home, makers of Noria –a complete re-think of the standard window-mounted air conditioner. The design dramatically cuts the size of the standard window-unit air conditioner while retaining 5,000 BTU of cooling power: enough to cool a 160 square-foot room. There’s also an array of other thoughtful features such as a beautiful and intuitive interface and a smartphone app to control the unit from anywhere.

f3ca4b28a926fb054f9b26b9262ce283_originalThe project, driven in part by PhilaU Graduate ID Program alum Don Pancoe (‘14) generated considerable buzz (over 50 different online features) and has raised more than $2 million via Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Learn more here.

6b8bd8810ae50e3ba091e3bd64986c78_originalJunior-year ID undergrads are managing 26 teams that each contain members from every year of the program including graduate students. This arrangement enables vigorous cross-pollination within the teams. We’re looking forward to a great Sprint!

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Innovation Engagement Speaker Series Kicks Off

Throughout the Spring semester, an array of special lectures will be given as part of the Innovation Engagement Speaker Series.

The focus will include local, regional and national perspectives, with topics ranging from start-up challenges, innovation across healthcare, venture capital, and prototype generation. The series will also expose participants to opportunities that are emerging in their respective areas. Whether a clinician, researcher, nascent inventor, entrepreneur or just a curious mind, attendees will walk away with something of value.

The series takes place every Thursday until March 30th, 12-2PM, at 901 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, in the main lobby. Lunch will be served. Admission is free and all are welcome! If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to
You can also stream the lectures live by going to:





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Scans for Sleep Apnea

As part of her MsID Capstone Project, student Jeanne Vilja is doing ergonomic studies of CPAP masks for sleep apnea sufferers. So she’s 3D scanning a representative sample of student heads, and printing them out to work on. How do you know if a printed head is the same size as the original?  See if his glasses fit right…..


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Real World Portfolio Building

Portfolio specialist Diane Fox

By Zach Samalonis, BsID ’20
Recently in the DEC forum, a portfolio building workshop was held for design students across campus to discuss what employers look for in a portfolio. To open the event PhilaU was privileged to host Diane Fox, from the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. During her speech she discussed what makes a portfolio stand out, by showing various digital and printed examples that she has seen throughout her years as a professor. She discussed project importance, image placement, font choices, and a variety of binding methods. At the conclusion of her presentation, there was a robust q&a session.

IMG_0287The second part of the event included a “breakout session” which divided students up by major to continue a more detailed discussion on portfolio development. Representatives from both Bresslergroup and Archer Group, two of the Philadelphia area’s largest design firms came to discuss different attributes that they, as industrial and graphic designers looked for as well as show example portfolios from graduates they ended up hiring.


Reviewing portfolios in one of the breakout sessions.

As a freshman, this experience was valuable as it got the gears turning on how I’ll approach creating my own portfolio. The best part of the experience was that the portfolios they showed were ones from students just out of school. It helped me to see where my work should be in four years and what I should to help myself succeed. The best advice given was to start early and stay organized. It’s workshops like these that make PhilaU stand out from other schools and help keep me one step ahead.

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PhilaU ID Undergrad Creates Prosthetic Arm

Philadelphia University industrial design student Jackson Gordon  has designed and fabricated a 3D-printed prosthetic arm to help a local man born without a left hand, Philly Voice reported Jan. 9.

Jackson, who has started the design firm Armatus Designs, based the aesthetics of the hand on the video game “Metal Gear Solid V” at the request of the user, designing it to be cost-effective and highly functional. Gordon has also made the design of the forearm, which can be created for about $100, available to others to use through open-file sharing.


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PhilaU ID Students Reach Finals of Jefferson Health Hack


The Health Hack began in the atrium of Jefferson’s Hamilton Building in Center City Philadelphia.

PhilaU ID students from all levels of the program recently collaborated with a wide range of professionals and students from schools throughout the eastern US as part of the second annual Independence/Jefferson Health Hack. Attendees formed interdisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals, engineers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and students, collaborating together on the creation of new ways to promote access and delivery to healthcare.

The teams used a wide variety of methods to model their solutions.

The teams used a wide variety of methods to model their solutions.

Two Philadelphia University Industrial Design students made the finals of the three-day event:

In the Patient Engagement Category, undergrad industrial design student Adam Hecht (BsID’19) worked with two Sidney Kimmel Medical College students on a wearable device that lies flat over the hip to prevent pelvic fractures resulting from falls.

PhilaU student Adam Hecht (left) and Sidney Kimmel Medical College students Daniel Choi and Kristen Adorno worked on a wearable device to prevent fractures resulting from falls.

In the Connected Health category, PhilaU graduate industrial design student Colin Eggert-Crowe (MsID’17) sought to minimize hospital-related IV infections and IV medication errors by designing a smart IV pump, channel and tubing system. His team included members from Thomas Jefferson University, Independence Blue Cross and Abington Hospital.

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