Ideas Take Shape

Students discuss initial ideas with Professor Lyn Godley.

As always, the first 24 hours of our week-long Sprint Project have been action-packed. The design teams are hard at work on research and initial concepting. The first presentation to Armstrong is scheduled for tomorrow and each group is developing a range of ideas and potential solutions. The schedule is tight and every minute counts. Yet as the week progresses, something remarkable happens: the parking lot clogs up, the students move into the building. The energy level steadily rises from standard to stratospheric. It’s a surprising experience for the freshmen and exhausting for the rest, including the faculty. And yet, every year, when we bid farewell to the graduating seniors we’re invariably reminded by these students that the Sprint Projects were among their best times in the program.

Professor Hy Zelkowitz consults with students.

The walls of the studios begin to fill with concept sketches.

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