Sprint to the Finish

The final day of the Sprint Project is in many ways the toughest. The week has been long and the pace fast. The models are made, the boards are printed and the enormous amount of work that’s been done comes down to this: the final client presentation. It’s time to explain your design decisions, show how you’ve fulfilled the brief and address pointed questions and critique from clients and faculty alike.

The quality of both the projects and presentations this year was extraordinarily high. All 27 teams made their presentations to multiple faculty/client groups. Teams were rated on a wide variety of categories. The combined faculty and client cohort then dismissed the students and decided on one winning team for each of the four project categories by making the case to each other for their favorites. The winning teams are listed below and details about each of the winning projects will be posted shortly. Our sincere thanks go out to all the students and faculty who participated and most of all to the team from Armstrong. Without their generous contribution of time, materials and expertise, the Sprint Project wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you!

Vertical Installations/Blades Winners: Team 7 – Christopher Gradel, Jesse Ferrino, Anthony Land, Andre Bruchez, Nicholas Nawa and Matthew Sheehan



Modular Geometrics Winners: Team 1 – Cassie Caminiti, Alexis Grant, Kristopher Pepper, Tracy McCarthy, and Tara Ridgeway



Low Relief/3D Ceilings Winners: Team 3 – Christopher Mbakwe, Brian Palladino, Alex Rentschler, Steven Metzner and Matt Hedden





Discontinuous Ceilings Winners: Team 25 – Sean Haney, Matt Cracco, Stephen Hamilton and Morgan Gaumann



















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