Forward Into Spring

By John Pickard, PhilaU ID Masters Candidate

The weeks are passing and the end of the semester is getting closer. With the final presentation to our client coming in a few weeks, everyone in the Graduate Studio is working hard to refine their designs.

Don Pancoe’s acoustic project for home theatre environments is gaining momentum as he moves into the testing phase. The data provided by his room tests will be invaluable for further development. Tracy McCarthy is currently testing simple yet strong attachment specifications for her design. She’s created a system of panels that a child can build into their own ever-expanding “blanket” fort. A modular wall solution that addresses the needs of trade shows is being developed by Ken Reita. Right now he’s focusing on an assembly mechanism that can be molded – at low cost – into each block.

As always, collaboration continues to benefit everyone in the studio: along with our primary projects, we’re each working on a parallel development track to address a specific challenge faced by another project. The additional input is welcome and it’s great to see each other’s final designs taking shape at last.


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