The 2017 Sprint Project Is On!

17_sprint_kickoffThe annual ID Sprint Project is underway in the Hayward Hall Studios. Our partner for the project this year is Noria Home, makers of Noria –a complete re-think of the standard window-mounted air conditioner. The design dramatically cuts the size of the standard window-unit air conditioner while retaining 5,000 BTU of cooling power: enough to cool a 160 square-foot room. There’s also an array of other thoughtful features such as a beautiful and intuitive interface and a smartphone app to control the unit from anywhere.

f3ca4b28a926fb054f9b26b9262ce283_originalThe project, driven in part by PhilaU Graduate ID Program alum Don Pancoe (‘14) generated considerable buzz (over 50 different online features) and has raised more than $2 million via Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Learn more here.

6b8bd8810ae50e3ba091e3bd64986c78_originalJunior-year ID undergrads are managing 26 teams that each contain members from every year of the program including graduate students. This arrangement enables vigorous cross-pollination within the teams. We’re looking forward to a great Sprint!

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