PhilaU ID Heads into Summer with Record Internships Across the Program

_MG_8929Though the semester is officially over, the summer is an incredibly active period for students in the PhilaU ID program. It’s the time when they further immerse themselves in the world of design through professional internships.

This summer will see a record number of industrial design internships even among our Freshman and Sophomore classes. That’s because at PhilaU ID, we begin building our portfolios on day one of the program. Our process-focused approach ensures that strong portfolio content is the outcome of each project we do. Add to that the cross-disciplinary projects with industry-leading corporations that happen throughout the semester, and you have a powerful body of work assembled to help you compete for an internship.

It’s just one of the many things that make the PhilaU ID program utterly unique. We invite you to come see for yourself. Take a tour of our studios, sit in on a design critique, or shadow an ID student throughout a typical day. Let us show you how exciting ID can be. To make plans for a visit, just call PhilaU Admissions at: 215-951-2700.

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