This Weekend: TANDEM, our Student-Run Design Conference.

The third annual TANDEM Design Conference will be held on Jefferson’s East Falls campus this weekend. Created and run by students from the Jefferson Industrial Design program, TANDEM is a unique design conference run exclusively by students for students.

The goal of the event is to depict the life of a designer and show how product development is a collaborative process between many fields. The conference encompasses a range of workshops featuring design professionals from many disciplines shedding light on their individual processes. Throughout the conference, attendees have the opportunity to meet professionals and students from a variety of regions and programs. Along with lectures and workshops, specific networking opportunities are held throughout the event.

The TANDEM Conference has quickly grown to be one of the highlights of the Fall Semester in the Jefferson ID Program and a prime opportunity for students make direct contact with the world of professional design.

Among this year’s conference speakers are:

5605Award-wnning designer Joey Zeledón, a Design Principal at Steelcase where he creates meaningful new experiences for people by innovating healthcare spaces through a combination of digital, physical and spatial design solutions.





1501271161479Entrepreneur and architect Marcel Botha. Through his consulting firm 10xBETA, he has helped numerous medical professionals test, develop, and commercialize products ranging from electronic stethoscopes and colposcopes, to surgical instruments.



Carrie+Bio+CakeDesigner Carrie Collins whose business, Fabric Horse, dares people to expand their imaginations socially, creatively, and philosophically while staying dedicated to domestic manufacturing.




1Designer and teacher Jackie Kilmartin who runs the textile-driven fashion brand, Lillian Jackson Textiles, established in 2011. Each LJT piece is designed & crafted in her Philadelphia studio, using hand-framed knitting looms & sustainable, low-impact materials.

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