The Future is Printed

Hewlett-Packard's Jet Fusion printers and an example of Nike's 3D-printed shoe sole.

Hewlett-Packard’s Jet Fusion printers and an example of Nike’s 3D-printed shoe sole.

“Rapid Manufacturing was the subject of the second talk in our 2017 Fall Industrial Design Speaker Series.”

By Zach Samalonis

The second talk in this year’s “20th Anniversary Fall Industrial Design Speaker Series”  featured a panel discussion with professionals from Stratasys, ProtoCAM and CIMquest.

The discussion focused on how designers are no longer limited to using 3D printing as a prototyping tool. 3D Printing is emerging as a viable source for manufacturing of an ever-widening range of parts and assemblies. Stratasys opened the discussion, by sharing with students how industrial designers at General Electric were able to create a new aerospace fueling nozzle out of a single part, one that once was comprised of 20 individual parts. The story drove the conversation in the direction of new printers and the wide range of possibilities they provide. New printers, such as the HP Jet Fusion, are shaking up the field, with quicker print times and higher quality prints. “Printing at this scale also allows for mass customization. Once you have the power, you can see the benefits” stated professor Eric Schneider who led the panel discussion.

General Electric's one piece 3D-printed fueling nozzle. Originally it was comprised of over 20 separate pieces.

General Electric’s one piece 3D-printed fueling nozzle. The previous generation was composed of over 20 separate pieces.

Great emphasis was placed on the fact that in just a few short years, designer won’t be limited to injection molding as the only way to manufacture on a large scale. Some designs, that were previously limited due to technical details such as draft angle, will soon be possible to print for the mass market. In fact, ProtoCAM mentioned that they are already printing hundreds of custom parts a week, showing that the future is already beginning to happen.

The discussion ended with time for students to ask questions and come down to the floor and see parts that had been printed using the methods discussed. Students had the opportunity to see first-hand how 3D printing is becoming something that will play a large role in their professional practices.

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ID Students Light Historic Laurel Hill Cemetery

Site-Dynamic-Lighting-Installation_preview-1024x768Jefferson industrial design students lit up the night at one of the spookiest events of the season this weekend.

The historic Laurel Hill Cemetery’s annual Halloween Soul Crawl: Haunted History Tour took place Friday, Oct. 20 and Saturday, Oct. 21. The Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) students created four different stations throughout the cemetery – including at the mausoleum and obelisk – that will feature the vibrant and haunting light shows.

The students worked on the light shows as part of a class project in two lighting courses taught by Lyn Godley, associate professor of industrial design. The courses are part of a lighting concentration in the industrial design program that was first offered last fall.

The annual Soul Crawl features flashlight tours along winding, dimly-lit paths, focusing on the cemetery’s rich history and the spirits buried within.

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Rapid Manufacturing Panel at Jeff ID This Wednesday

This Wednesday (10/25) will mark the second event in our 20th Anniversary Industrial Design Speaker Series. At 6:30pm in the DEC Forum, Jefferson ID Professor Eric Schneider will lead a panel discussion on new rapid manufacturing techniques. The panel features a lineup of major names in this cutting edge field including StrataSys, ProtoCAM and CIMquest. Be sure to join us for this look at major developments in the way our designs come to life. The event is free and open to the public.


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ID Students Light Major Downtown Philadelphia Plaza

IMG_4373By Zach Samalonis

Jefferson University ID played a large role in the events of this year’s DesignPhiladelphia festival. The kickoff, held on the Jefferson Center City campus, brought designers together for a fun filled night and even featured a custom installation, just for the event.

The lighting installation, titled “Merge” was created by several Jefferson students who partnered with the Finishing Trades Institute. The Lighting Design Class (an industrial design concentration) with the help of Professor Lyn Godley helped to create the installation, along with six architecture students. Merge is meant to symbolize the combination of the two universities–the greatest transparency, views and reflections can be seen where the two glass walls overlap. During the day, the glass reflects the sunlight, turning the panes into colorful windows. But at night, the plaza is lit up different colors, causing the reflections to dance on the ground.

DesignPhiladelphia is a great time for designers of all disciplines to get out of the class room and explore the city of Philadelphia and the design culture. Several “studio crawls” will be taking place, allowing students and other designers to enter real design studios and see what’s going on, behind the scenes. Other events include design festivals in Old City and Fishtown, as well as open discussions and presentations at various universities. The week closes with a reception at Millesime featuring the Italian design brand, Cappellini.

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Student-Run Design Conference Goes Beyond The Sketchbook

The student organizing team of the TANDEM Design Conference pause for a photo with Keynote Speaker Joey Zeladon.

The student organizing team of the TANDEM Design Conference pause for a photo with Keynote Speaker Joey Zeladon.

By Zach Samalonis

For the third consecutive year, Jefferson industrial design undergrads designed and hosted Tandem, the student design conference. The goal of the event was to help students go beyond the sketchbook and into the world of professional design, depicting the life of a designer and showing how design is a collaborative process between many fields.

The conference was divided into multiple workshops, which allowed students to break out and explore new topics as well as meet different people, from an array of creative disciplines. Rose DiSanto and Mark Sunderland started the day off with individual workshops. Rose explained the importance of portfolio building, while Mark held a hands on live demo about fusing together different types of textiles. The next block was dedicated to Jackie Kilmartin and Carrie Collins who both talked about their own business and lessons they learned. Joey Zeledon was the keynote speaker and talked about his own schooling, the jobs he has had and the projects he hopes to work on in the future. Marcel Botha closed the conference talking about his company 10xBeta, some of the awesome projects they are working on and why working with other disciplines is so important.

The conference was well attended by several schools in the area including UArts and Drexel. Students were able to walk away with more knowledge and contacts that they will be able to use throughout their careers as designers. Tandem has become a large event for the Industrial Design department at Jefferson University and it keeps growing each year. For updates for next year’s event check back at

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XPRIZE Winner at Jeff ID This Wednesday


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This Weekend: TANDEM, our Student-Run Design Conference.

The third annual TANDEM Design Conference will be held on Jefferson’s East Falls campus this weekend. Created and run by students from the Jefferson Industrial Design program, TANDEM is a unique design conference run exclusively by students for students.

The goal of the event is to depict the life of a designer and show how product development is a collaborative process between many fields. The conference encompasses a range of workshops featuring design professionals from many disciplines shedding light on their individual processes. Throughout the conference, attendees have the opportunity to meet professionals and students from a variety of regions and programs. Along with lectures and workshops, specific networking opportunities are held throughout the event.

The TANDEM Conference has quickly grown to be one of the highlights of the Fall Semester in the Jefferson ID Program and a prime opportunity for students make direct contact with the world of professional design.

Among this year’s conference speakers are:

5605Award-wnning designer Joey Zeledón, a Design Principal at Steelcase where he creates meaningful new experiences for people by innovating healthcare spaces through a combination of digital, physical and spatial design solutions.





1501271161479Entrepreneur and architect Marcel Botha. Through his consulting firm 10xBETA, he has helped numerous medical professionals test, develop, and commercialize products ranging from electronic stethoscopes and colposcopes, to surgical instruments.



Carrie+Bio+CakeDesigner Carrie Collins whose business, Fabric Horse, dares people to expand their imaginations socially, creatively, and philosophically while staying dedicated to domestic manufacturing.




1Designer and teacher Jackie Kilmartin who runs the textile-driven fashion brand, Lillian Jackson Textiles, established in 2011. Each LJT piece is designed & crafted in her Philadelphia studio, using hand-framed knitting looms & sustainable, low-impact materials.

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Nexus Maximus 2017


Student teams ready their final design presentations on the last day of the project.

By Zach Samalonis

This year’s Nexus Maximus Challenge, Jefferson students partnered with Johnson & Johnson to create relief responses to refugees and displaced populations. Concluding on Monday, the weekend long multi-disciplinary challenge asked Jefferson Industrial Design students to create unique and innovative solutions, while collaborating with students from different majors and other universities (such as Aalto University in Finland and DUOC in Chile).

Industrial design student, Michael Soliday, and his teammates developed infrastructure around the concept of using crickets as a means to end displacement by famine. The insect, he explained, can be a cheap, simple and nutritious self-replenishing source of food.

Another industrial design student, Kelly Sullivan, said “It’s so interesting to see how we connect across majors.” Her team worked on an all-inclusive gardening and composting starter kit. This kit would aide sustainability and waste management, economic stability, food security, community building and job creation.

This year’s “most innovative solution” went to the team who developed Amicus, a series of icons (for example, water, first aid and bathrooms) that can be printed on T-shirts, blankets and other textiles to provide warmth and comfort for refugees. These icons would give refugees a means of communication with aid workers and volunteers.

Competitions, like Nexus, push Jefferson Industrial Design students to think like designers from day one, especially freshmen who are being introduced to the field. At the closing ceremony on Monday, Jefferson’s Vice President of Innovation D.R. Widder remarked, “It’s amazing what these students have come up with….All these teams just met each other on Friday and are able to work together to create amazing concepts.”

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Designing the Future with Johnson & Johnson

nex_max_1Industrial Design undergrads and grads teamed with fellow students throughout the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce this weekend to address the future of care for refugee populations with the product development staff of Johnson & Johnson.

The project is called Nexus Maximus. It’s held annually every September with a different theme and client. For many students, it’s their first experience working within diverse-skillset design teams. It also results in a great asset going forward as students look to begin developing their portfolios, populating them with projects work done for real-world clients such as this.

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Welcome to the Class of 2021!

New students greet Phil the Ram as they walk into the Gallagher Athletic, Recreation and Convocation Center.

New students greet Phil the Ram as they walk into the Gallagher Athletic, Recreation and Convocation Center.

Faculty and staff greeted some 600 new students and their families as they streamed down the walkway to the Gallagher Athletic, Recreation and Convocation Center Aug. 17 for Convocation. They are the first freshman class of the new Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University).

“Today, we honor our past successes, live in the present and eagerly map our aspirations for the future,” said Chancellor Stephen Spinelli Jr., Ph.D., at the first official gathering of the Class of 2021. Spinelli said the recent combination with Thomas Jefferson University will give students greater access to world-class facilities, more Nexus Learning opportunities, an alumni base of 80,000 and the benefits of both a city and a suburban-like campus.

“Philadelphia University’s merger with Thomas Jefferson University formed a blockbuster comprehensive University,” he said. “This University will be an example for all of higher education by expanding and amplifying the potential of your education.”

Spinelli also shared some of the University’s recent accomplishments, including a 95 percent job and graduate school success rate; 10 nationally and internationally ranked programs; 40 industry partners sponsoring Nexus Learning projects; award-winning students in industrial design, architecture, textile design, interior design, graphic design, fashion design, fashion merchandising, business and health science programs; and expert faculty recognized by Fulbright fellowships, teaching awards and external grants.

Welcoming the new students to campus, alumna Christina Wong ’08 called the merger “exciting and revolutionary.” Wong, a member of the Philadelphia University Board of Trustees and Jefferson Academic Board, said, “The University is here to serve you, the students are the lifeblood of the campus. And you, Class of ’21, will be the very first students to fully reap all of the benefits. Use every single tool the new Jefferson has to offer.”

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