• A RANT! By Prof Laine

    A   RANT!

    In the future my rants are about what is making me particularly ngry for the moment, it might be politics, sports or people, yes those whom with e live, those human folks who tend to irk me so.  Today is about people. What is the deal with smokers, yes they have the right to kill themselves  in the name of corporate profits  but can they just please put out their cigarettes  and, oh my goodness I know this is asking so much,  but could they throw them out as ell .  It is as if they have this love/haterelationship with the cancer stick. They put it in their mouth, and become one with it.  Do you see their faces, it is
    as if some type of perverse bliss overcomes them and then when they are done,  FINSIHED! , instead of gently   placing it in the garbage, they angrily throw
    it out on the ground and literally  stamp the life out of it like some sort abusive lover disgusted with themselves for the relationship of one beneath their status.
    Mom said she was no good for me!  But yet, lost in a haze of expectations and desires, they are   anxious to show the world the remains of their tattered love affair which I guess went up in flames.  I was driving yesterday and
    out the window of the car in front of me came the flaming dejected butt like a miniature Molotov cocktail.  Bang, right into my windshield leaving innards of carbon, lipstick and who knows what, (Ebola virus? ) on my  car.  These
    slobs casually discard their trophies everywhere as some sort of perverse symbol
    of  AH HA!  see what I did!   I smoked it and now you have to deal with it.   I have had it.  I am going to follow one of these “people” to their homes and throw flaming garbage into their house, yeah see if you like that!

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