Together With Thomas Jefferson University

By choosing to integrate two world-class models of professional education to create a comprehensive university, we will launch students into careers of their passion in a bigger, bolder way and meet the needs of 21st-century society better than ever.

Together, we’ll create an unparalleled synergy that combines the power of design thinking, systems thinking, and entrepreneurship with the scientific method and modes of thought. It’s an integration that will bolster the meaning of an education that is active, collaborative, based in the real-world learning and infused with the liberal arts, delivering more value to our entire community.

  • Students will have access to more facilities, a combined alumni base of 78,000, increased Nexus Learning opportunities and an enhanced expertise across all disciplines, in architecture, business, design, engineering, health and science. In addition, our hub and hub campuses will provide students with suburban-like and Center City experiences.
  • Faculty and staff will benefit from an increased investment in discovery and program development, expanded research opportunities and the advantages that come from having more brand power and expanded programming and curricula.
  • Employers will continue to revere the profession-ready skills of our graduates and take even more notice of our institution. With a combined enrollment of about 7,500 (roughly 50 percent graduate and 50 percent undergrad and approximately 50 percent of the total enrollment coming from each institution) and academic quality that propels us into the upper echelons of higher education in the greater Philadelphia area, giving us a national profile.

Steve Klasko, president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, captured the opportunities of this integration perfectly: “Uniting our two universities is about starting a revolution in education. It’s about what’s next for academics and for the careers and outcomes that our students will pursue when they graduate. For example, this combination brings PhilaU’s world-renowned programs in design to the students of Jefferson at a time when one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare is design and wearables. We’re going to find incredible synergies like that across the board because the breadth and depth of programs at PhilaU are so strong. It means, together, we can enhance the value of education for students—whether in design, engineering, fashion, architecture, business, science or healthcare—so that they can add more value to our 21st century world.”

This integration will lead to unlimited positive outcomes and set new standards in higher education. The fact is, Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University individually are financially and academically strong. They share a mission to be the opposite of traditional, to redefine higher education. Imagine what will happen when the two come together.

About Jefferson

Jefferson University Hospitals and Thomas Jefferson University are partners in providing excellent clinical and compassionate care for our patients in the Philadelphia region, educating the health professionals of tomorrow in a variety of disciplines and discovering new knowledge that will define the future of clinical care.

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About Philadelphia University

Our number one priority is providing students with an academic experience that leads to internships, jobs and meaningful career paths. We do this through focusing on innovation, innovative thinking and our award-winning Nexus Learning approach — active, collaborative learning that is connected to the real world and infused with the liberal arts.

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