When Philadelphia University recognized eight years ago that the higher education industry was about to face numerous challenges—including the very questioning of the value proposition—we made it our charge to meet the needs of 21st century students. In 2008, we adopted the University’s bold, innovative Strategic Plan and directed our efforts on advancing our mission and vision: to be the model for professional university education.

In the years since, we have successfully created an award-winning curriculum; bolstered our reputation for turning our students’ passions into professions; and gained national attention for Nexus Learning, our signature approach of active, collaborative, real-world learning that is infused with the liberal arts. By understanding the changing demographics and the needs of employers early , we focused on growth across all student populations, including graduate and continuing and professional studies, as well as undergraduate. Today, we have more than 40 industry partners and our graduates have achieved job success and graduate school acceptance rates of 95 percent. To say that a PhilaU education is worth it is an understatement.

At the same time, to fulfill our vision and mission in bigger, bolder ways, our leadership team began to evaluate PhilaU’s next strategic move—and we found it. By integrating with Thomas Jefferson University, an institution that shares our core values, we’ll be even better positioned to thrive in today’s higher education market and meet the needs of 21st century students and employers.

Both Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University are financially and academically strong; we’re at a terrific place to make this move and have a clear, defined vision. Together, we’ll provide comprehensive professional education, with preeminence in architecture, business, design, fashion, engineering, health, science and textiles. We’ll set new standards in higher education, while creating high-impact value for our faculty, students and society.

About Jefferson

Jefferson University Hospitals and Thomas Jefferson University are partners in providing excellent clinical and compassionate care for our patients in the Philadelphia region, educating the health professionals of tomorrow in a variety of disciplines and discovering new knowledge that will define the future of clinical care.

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About Philadelphia University

Our number one priority is providing students with an academic experience that leads to internships, jobs and meaningful career paths. We do this through focusing on innovation, innovative thinking and our award-winning Nexus Learning approach — active, collaborative learning that is connected to the real world and infused with the liberal arts.

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