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The DaVinci Mode

I walked into our wonderful Kanbar Campus Center this morning and quickly observed two design professors intensely engaged in discussion.  Professorial kindness forgave me the interruption.  “What has captured your attention so raptly”, I asked.  “Curiosity”, they responded in unison.   …

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A "Disaster Exercise": Great Curriculum

I approached our Disaster Medicine and Management Exercise with ambivalence.  I left the six hour experience energized, aware and educated. Almost 700 volunteers, faculty, administrators, students and 14 city, state and federal agencies gathered on our campus.  A simulated hostage taking …

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Bringing structure to "Innovation"

At Philadelphia University we believe “innovation” needs curricular structure to optimize learning. For over ten years our faculty have engaged in formal interdisciplinary coursework.  The teaching culture here began to recognize creative leverage in multidimensional perspectives on problems and problem solving.  That …