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Why Nexus Learning Matters in Today’s Market

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently cited a study by Stephen Tepper of Vanderbilt University entitled “Double Majors: Influences, Identities and Impacts.” Dr. Tepper finds that students with double majors are more creative thinkers and report more opportunities to integrate knowledge …

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3/13/13 3:13 PM

With the turning of a new century we enter a unique period of the calendar – one where, every thirteen months, there are two brief moments in time that are represented by six repeating numbers.  Thirteen months ago it was …

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What Collaboration Can Build

Yesterday, Philadelphia University announced a collaboration with the University of Pittsburg to preserve and manage the archives of Senator Arlen Specter. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that, when presented with the opportunity to house the Specter papers, PhilaU …