Call Me as I Am: The Social Stigma Surrounding Female Genitalia
By: Mona Manglona

By: Mona Manglona

The Office of Student Engagement’s Diversity & Social Justice hosts a weekly seminar that allows members of the Philadelphia University community to congregate in order to discuss important issues that we so often overlook. The weekly segment is called “Words of Wisdom” which involves a controversial subject or word that enables those involved, especially students to dissect and discuss in a diplomatic and educational manner. The week of October 14, the word that was being discussed was “cunt.” The group of people who participated in that week’s discussion was made up of mostly women, all whom were more than willing to offer insight to their opinions of the word.

It was all agreed upon that the word cunt refers to a woman’s genitalia. The use of the word often carries along with it a negative connotation stressing its griminess and disgust when used. The term is often used as a way to belittle someone or to rip away masculinity especially when used towards a male.

With all negativity aside, some cultures do not see the word cunt as an offensive word. In Eastern Scotland, the word is used in a prolific sense. It articulates fertility and in most cases women expressively use the term to describe the passage in which they have brought their children into the world. It is important to keep in mind the various definitions that the word carries while also embracing it in a mature manner.

Overall, one of the most important lessons that was expressed during the meeting was that leaning into discomfort is a good thing. It’s important to talk about what is often overshadowed or ignored. It’s important to discuss issues that no one else wants to talk about. The OSE is doing a fantastic job at keeping students and members of the PhilaU community engaged and educated in today’s ever changing society.

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