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Where our goal is to be the vessel for the voices of all students here at Thomas Jefferson University.
You have the right to be heard.

Everyone has personal experiences that have come to define a part of who they are. Unfortunately, these experiences are often negative and can cause people to feel marginalized, whether it be because of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, religion, beliefs, etc.

If you have ever had an experience in which you felt marginalized or you witnessed this happening, The Digital Voice would like to hear about it. This semester we will be launching Real Voices, a completely anonymous tool for people (both on and off campus) to share their experiences.

Objective: we have two hopes in launching Real Voices
1) By sharing your experiences, not only will you be able to get things off your chest, you will potentially be able to help other who are going through something similar.

2) If we get enough accounts of the same type of experience occurring on campus then perhaps we can do something about it, whether it be a panel discussion or a round table talk. Even if it is simply bringing awareness to the issue through an article, it is important to make these problems know.

As stated, this is completely anonymous, unless you wish to make your name known.

To share your experiences, please submit your entry to tjudigitalvoice@gmail.com

comic by Evan T.

Watch all of the Roxboro Roundtables here or at the Arlen Specter Center YouTube page or attend one any Thursday at 4pm

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