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Jun 15

Law and Society Graduate Discusses First Amendment Rights at Sports Stadiums: ESPN Twin Cities

Law and Society alumnus John Sczepanski ’14 was interviewed about sports fans’ first amendment rights in stadiums built in part with public funds on ESPN Twin Cities radio show June 7. Sczepanski, now a law student, wrote an article on this issue for the Law and Society‘s online publication, The Voice, in January 2014. “You should be able to hold up signs and voice your views in a publicly funded arena,” he told ESPN.  T o hear  this 6/7/2015 interview  Click here

Apr 15

“Single Bullet” Exhibit Opens at the Battleship New Jersey

An enthusiastic group gathered on Thursday evening, April 9th, to celebrate the opening of Single Bullet at the Battleship New Jersey in Camden. This exhibition was created through a collaboration of Philadelphia University students and faculty, of the Law & Society, Graphic Design, and Architecture programs, and staff of the university’s library and Design Center. It showcases the late Senator Arlen Specter’s “single bullet” theory, which is at the core of the Warren Commission’s explanation of the Kennedy assassination. Major pieces, including a replica of the Kennedy limousine, were transferred to the Battleship NJ Museum from the Paul J. Gutman Library, Philadelphia University, the exhibition’s original site. The New Jersey venue was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Philadelphia University alumnus, Phillip Borst, principal of Scungio & Borst of Camden, N.J. Philadelphia University President Stephen Spinelli and Battleship NJ CEO Phil Rowan made introductory remarks, expressing appreciation for the contributions of each institution towards the success of this joint effort. Camden County Surrogate Patricia Egan-Jones and Battleship NJ Curator, Jason Hall also spoke.
Single Bullet will open to the public beginning April 11. See: for more information

Dec 14

Single Bullet Exhibit Heading to Battle Ship N.J. American History Museum

The Single Bullet Exhibit, co written by Law & Society students,was selected by the Battleship New Jersey American History Museum in Camden to be a major display! The Single Bullet documents Arlen Specter’s investigation of the Kennedy assassination while he was a member fo the Warren Commission legal staff. This is a great honor for PhilaU and Law & Society. A video of the exhibit is attached

Aug 14

Arlen Specter Center for Public Service Opens Officially on 9/11/2014

The Specter Center, whose Director is Evan Laine, also the Director of the Law & Society Program, will open officially on 9/11/2014. The Center which will focus on education, public service and public policy, will be home to many law and society clubs, classes and special events. Already L & S student Jessica Putman has been selected to coordinate a University wide series of round tables featuring spirited intellectual discussion between faculty, staff and students on a variety of controversial topics which will be broadcasted on the PhilaU radio station WPHU. L & S fraternity Phi Alpha Delta is going to host Law and Service Day at the Center on 11/7/2014. The Center, no doubt, will be a tremendous asset to L & S!


Specter Center

Dec 13

PhilaU Single Bullet Video: Investigation of the JFK Assassination

PhilaU made a new video to showcase the renowned Single Bullet Exhibition.

Watch it here: Single Bullet: Investigation of the JFK Assassination

Nov 13

Fox Visits Single Bullet

Fox Philly came to see Single Bullet for themselves and wrote about it online:

Check out what they had to say, and be sure to visit the exhibit which runs through April 11, 2014.

Fox also featured Single Bullet on television, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination.  See the clip here:


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Nov 13

Action News Visits Single Bullet

ABC6 Action News came to visit the Single Bullet exhibit for themselves – and they sure liked it!

From investigating the the history of Kennedy’s Assassination and the conspiracy that followed, to discussing Se. Specter’s theory, ABC6 used the PhilaU Single Bullet Exhibit to remember the 50th Anniversary of the incident.

See the video and article here:

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