Best of PhilaU Designs Featured at 2013 Senior Design Show

Philadelphia University senior design students will showcase their creative and innovative work at the 2013 Senior Design Show, taking place through  Sunday, May 12 in the Bucky Harris Gymnasium in The Gallagher Athletic, Recreation and Convocation Center.

The Senior Design Show hours are 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. In addition to the regular hours, a public reception will be held Friday, May 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. The best student work from all design disciplines will be on display, including:

  • Like a Star: A Game of Fame, Fueled by Social Media. Created by graphic design communication student Jewell Richardson ’13, “Like a Star” is a board game that explores the relationship between fame and self-promotion in the realm of social media. When it comes to being a star in the 21st century, is it more important to be talented or a savvy user of social media? Are your followers really your fans? The game asks these questions and more as players collect money and fans along their journeys to live “Like a Star”!
  • Monster Mentality. Bullying has become a national epidemic, and many high-profile cases have drawn attention to the escalating issue. With smart phones and social media keeping kids in constant contact (and under constant scrutiny), bullying can seem inescapable for its victims. Graphic design communication student Matthew McBratnie ’13 developed a tool to address the crisis. His board game “Monster Mentality” helps children develop effective strategies to defend themselves against bullying.
  • Self-Balancing Electric Motocycle. This motorcycle design is a collaborative project by Ken Reita, M.S. in Industrial Design ’13, Howard Fang, MBA, and Corey Phillips, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering. Using inverted pendulum mechanics and a reaction wheel, the team created a two-wheel, fully electric tandem vehicle. Operators of the vehicle do not need to place their feet on the ground when they stop due to the self-balancing feature, which also allows the cycle to be equipped with a removable roof and doors. The team envisions the cycle as a commuter vehicle, with such benefits as the low cost of charging the cycle on the residential power grid and energy efficiency comparable to 175 to 200 miles per gallon.
  • Terra-Grid. Terra-Grid is a first-of-its kind, customizable retrofitted green roof, developed collaboratively by MBA, architecture and industrial design students. The organic design guarantees a beautiful alternative to traditional green roofs.  Easy to install, costeffective and containing a low-maintenance modular plant system, the Terra-Grid brings green roof technology to buildings that would not otherwise be able to sustain a green roof system easily. The team that created the project includes MBA student Brittany Ristila ’13, architecture students Tyler Dye ’13 and Rebecca Della Peruta ’13 and industrial design students Jared Lowman ’13 and Aakriti Chandra ’14.
  • VX-42 – Personal Cloud Server for the Home. For PC enthusiasts, industrial design student Christian Ost ’13 created a wall-mountable computer case. This version of the design is a home server or “personal cloud” that allows users to access any of their digital media or data any time, as long as the location has an active internet connection. Ost’s case is ideal for PC users who have large amounts of data they would like to access anywhere. Users could save time and space on business trips, events, parties and more without having to rely on expensive, limited or unreliable public cloud services.
  • RAMpack – Protecting the Spine from Violent Sports Collisions. In contact sports such as football, hockey and rugby, players are susceptible to cervical spine injury,  caused by the extreme acceleration or deceleration of a players’ head on the neck during high-velocity collisions. The RAMpack device, created by engineering students Christopher Gosnell ’13 and Jeff Danahue ’13, was designed to reduce an athlete’s chances of injury while also allowing free neck movement. The RAMpack senses a collision using a built-in accelerometer and then inflates a protective cushion around the player’s neck. The cushion effectively reduces extreme movement of the neck at the time of deployment.

These designs and many more are featured at the 2013 show, which is free and open to the public. The Senior Design Show showcases student work from all design disciplines, including the undergraduate programs in architecture, digital animation, digital design, graphic design communication, industrial design, interior design, fashion design, textile design, and landscape architecture; and the master’s programs in interactive design and media, textile design and sustainable design.

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