The PhilaU Entrepreneurs: Morgan Gaumann and Colin Hansel Create Unique Surfboards

Photo credit: Colin Hansel.

PhilaU industrial design alumni Morgan Gaumann and Colin Hansel handcraft surfboards for their business, Rodeobird. Photo credit: Colin Hansel.

As undergraduates, industrial design students Morgan Gaumann and Colin Hansel turned their love of surfing into a capstone project—and then, with help from PhilaU’s Blackstone LaunchPad, into a full-fledged business. Now, more than a year out of PhilaU, the two continue to run Rodeobird—building one-of-a-kind surfboards designed for East Coast waves—out of a Kensington-based warehouse just north of Center City.

Colin Hansel (left) and Morgan Gaumann present Rodeobird at the 2014 PhilaU senior showcase.

Colin Hansel (left) and Morgan Gaumann present Rodeobird at the 2014 PhilaU senior showcase.

Reaching customers through word-of-mouth, a boutique N.J. surf shop and sponsorship of seven surfers, the partners work full-time in design jobs while continuing to build their reputations and sales and improve their products. Their handmade boards, tailored for each surfer, take up to four days to make, including drying time, and sell for a competitively priced $500 to $1,000. They are working on expanding into a lifestyle brand, designing apparel such as graphic T-shirts.

“I grew up surfing on the East Coast,” Hansel said. “The waves are different here than on the West Coast, we have shorter rides.”

Determined to stay on the leading edge of innovation, Rodeobird’s founders continue to research and test different materials and composites to improve their surfboards and move toward using 100-percent recyclable materials. See more on their Facebook page.

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Colin Hansel constructs a surfboard. Photo credit: Colin Hansel.

Colin Hansel constructs a Rodeobird surfboard. Photo credit: Colin Hansel.

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