PhilaU and Regional Partners Poised for Big Moves in Smart Fabrics: Philadelphia Inquirer

PhilaU's Mark Sunderland

PhilaU’s Mark Sunderland

Philadelphia University and its regional partners in the federal Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) initiative are poised to make big moves in smart fabrics, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported May 11.

The upcoming combination of PhilaU, a “hotbed for fabric design and research,” and the “medical-centric” Thomas Jefferson University will offer a unique melding of minds and research opportunities in the development of wearable garments that monitor health, the article attributed to PhilaU textile engineer Mark Sunderland and Jefferson Provost Mark Tykocinski, who spoke at the first Greater Philadelphia Smart Fabrics Conference May 9 at Drexel University.

Sunderland, the Robert Reichlin High Performance Apparel Chair at PhilaU, said he has tested a wearable vest for Verizon Wireless that can track such things as stress, heart rate and salinity.

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