With New Book, Global Fashion Enterprise Professor Studies Retail Landscape in Emerging World Markets

Jefferson's Shubha Bennur explores the retail landscape in emerging markets around the world.

Jefferson’s Shubha Bennur explores the retail landscape in emerging markets around the world.

Emphasizing the apparel and beauty industries, “Retailing in Emerging Markets” (Fairchild Books) co-authored by Shubha Bennur, assistant professor of global fashion enterprise at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), provides an in-depth study of the retail landscape in emerging markets around the world.

Each chapter focuses on a single country, discussing the organization of its retail industry, analyzing consumer behavior and presenting strategies for effectively entering its market.

What’s the difference between an emerging and developed market?
An emerging market is a country that has rapidly developing economies and some features of a developed market, such as consumerism, burgeoning high-income population and demand for luxury brands. However, it doesn’t meet the standards of a developed market in terms of retail infrastructure, quality goods and services. They’re very attractive markets for investments.

What interests you about retailing in emerging markets?
I was born and raised in India, which is one of the largest emerging markets in the world. During my PhD at Oklahoma State University, I worked as a research assistant and collected data via questionnaire surveys from consumers in emerging markets that include India, China and South Korea. That’s when I became interested in studying more about emerging markets. Also, my grandfather was an educator and published five books. He’s my greatest inspiration. When I got an opportunity to co-author this book, I knew I wanted to do it.

What was the creative and research process like to write the book?
The research phase included gathering both primary and secondary data through interviews, trade publications and journal articles. This book provides an in-depth study of the retail landscape within Brazil, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Thailand and Mexico, with the second edition including new chapters on Qatar and South Korea. I interviewed retail employers and customers from Qatar for firsthand information and teamed up with professors from South Korea to write this chapter.

What else does the new edition offer?
This new edition also includes increased coverage of the legislative landscapes and long-term economic outlooks, as well as fully updated data, statistics and economic perspectives on each of the countries covered. Plus, updated and new chapter case studies analyze the expansion strategies of international retailers, and new chapter summaries and critical-thinking questions offer additional learning tools.

Readers will emerge armed with a deeper understanding of the political, economic and cultural factors driving each market—information essential for building and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s global retail environment.

Shubha Bennur’s “Retailing in Emerging Markets” is available at Amazon and other online retailers.

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