What to pack for PhilaU…

admissions-defaultWhat to pack for PhilaU…

23 days until first-year students move-in!? Wow! I can’t believe this summer is flying by so quickly.  With the countdown getting smaller and smaller, I thought I’d write a quick blog with my recommendations about what to buy, pack, and leave at home.

First of all, remember that you are coming to Philadelphia University with more than 700 other new students.  If you forget to bring something, this will be the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbor: “Hey, do you have a can opener?”  Most of the items on my list below can be purchased at the PhilaU bookstore on campus.  On the bookstore’s website, they also offer links to software requirements and art and architecture supply companies.  If you can’t find what you need on campus, there’s always a Target nearby.  You can even rent a car for the day to get where you need.

You will most likely NEED…

  • Pillows, sheets, blankets, and comforter (Extra-Long mattress size!)
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Shower flip flops
  • Full-length mirror
  • Hangers
  • Toiletries and shower caddy
  • Desk lamp
  • Cleaning supplies
  • First aid kit with cold medicine, pain relievers, and bandages
  • Clothes for all occasions
    • Business/business casual attire (You will be surprised how often you will need to be somewhat dressed up for class presentations or events.)
    • Rain coat, boots, and umbrella
  • School supplies (Pack most of this in your backpack for easy moving)
    • Power strip
    • Duct tape
    • Flash drive
    • 3 hole punch, stapler (with staples, obviously), and tape
    • Fun-tac for hanging photos and posters
    • Trashcan (not a mesh one, a solid plastic trashcan that can hold liquids if necessary)
  • Simple dishes and utensils (store them all in a giant popcorn bowl)
    • Can opener
    • Filter water bottle or pitcher
    • Pantry basics (peanut butter, popcorn, soup, oatmeal)
    • Alarm clock—your phone won’t cut it in college
    • Under-the-bed storage bins
    • Pop-up laundry hamper and laundry supplies (Hello, Tide To Go!)
    • Plug-in style air freshener (One of my friends had a roommate who was VERY into Dance, Dance Revolution. I’m a supporter of pursuing your own hobbies, but this was a very sweaty and smelly hobby.)

You might want…

  • Dry erase board (so friends can leave you old fashioned text messages)
  • Telephone (Believe it or not, you will have your own landline in your room!)
  • Envelopes and stamps
  • Seat cushion (You will be studying a lot!)
  • “Soccer mom” chairs (This was my mom’s brilliant idea! You can fold them up and throw them in a closet when your guests leave.)
  • Bathrobe
  • Mini toolkit
  • Mattress topper (memory foam is an amazing thing, but make sure you buy that alarm clock too!)
  • Bike, helmet, and bike lock
  • Athletic equipment (basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, Yoga mat, etc)
  • Gym bag/overnight bag
  • Reading pillow
  • Curtains

You should coordinate with roommate about these things…

  • Refrigerator and MicroFridge (These can be rented through the university’s vendor
  • Television
  • Board games and card games
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Clothes Drying Rack (Only one kid on my floor had a drying rack when I was a freshman. That kid quickly became very popular, and he even earned the nickname Drying Rack John.)
  • Floor lamp
  • Area rug (Students may bring their own carpet or purchase one through the University vendor. If a carpet is pre-purchased, the carpet will be delivered to the room prior to move in day.)
  • Mini vacuum

Leave at home

  • Air conditioners
  • Halogen lamps and sunlamps
  • Hot plates, heating coils
  • Microwave ovens (except in townhouses and apartments)
  • Open-flame items (No candles and incense; get a plug-in style air freshener)
  • Pets (except for small fish)
  • Toaster ovens
  • Waterbeds

Abbey Carr
Assistant Director of Admissions

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Kanbar ’52, inventor and entrepreneur, contributed $21 million to capital campaign: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Maurice Kanbar ’52, entrepreneur and inventor, is Philadelphia University’s biggest benefactor, giving $21 million to help the University reach 150 percent of its five-year capital campaign, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported July 27. Kanbar, the inventor of Skyy vodka, has 40 patents and is still innovating. “He bumps into life, and says: ‘That’s a problem. I should solve that,’” President Stephen Spinelli said.  “It’s a lesson the university drills students on.”

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Pamela Collins Named Academic Dean, Executive Director of School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Pamela Collins, Ph.D., an experienced higher education administrator with expertise working with adult learners and degree-completion programs, has been named academic dean and executive director of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, effective July 28. In this role, she will build on the success of the School and support delivery of PhilaU’s high quality education to adult learners.

Since 2006, Dr. Collins has served as director of the office of academic and professional development at Eastern Illinois University, where she managed enrollment functions, developed degree-completion programs and implemented new online learning resources. She has experience teaching at the University level in both traditional and online courses.

Her influence on and commitment to adult education at the national level includes her leadership role as executive director of Alpha Sigma Lambda, the honor society for adult learners.

Dr. Collins has authored and co-authored several publications and professional presentations relating to adult learners, including “What do they know? Assessing learning outcomes in an adult degree completion program,” “Marketing strategies and tactics to increase summer session enrollments” and “The importance of honor societies for adult learners.”

She received her Ph.D. in higher education administration and leadership from Indiana State University. Her doctoral dissertation focused on the transition of adult learners into college courses and how that transition impacts GPA and time to graduation. She also holds a master’s degree in family and consumer science and a bachelor’s degree in family and consumer science and hospitality management from Eastern Illinois University.

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PhilaU Wins Three UCDA Graphic Design Excellence Awards

Two projects created in Philadelphia University’s graphic design communication design workshop have won Awards of Excellence in the 2014 University and College Designers Association’s (UCDA) 44th annual design competition.


The “Single Bullet” exhibit features work from an interdisciplinary student team.

The awards were for the exhibition design and collateral materials for “Single Bullet: Arlen Specter & the Warren Commission Investigation of the JFK Assassination” and the deck of PhilaU-branded playing cards created for admissions.

The national competition was juried by industry professionals who selected winners from more than 1,000 competition entries.

“Receiving national recognition from professional peers is very gratifying and confirms the hard work, dedication and talent of our students and faculty,” said Frank Baseman, graphic design communication program director. “The design workshop provides students with an opportunity to work on real projects for real clients, thus gaining valuable experience while still in school. It also provides students with a tremendous opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams in a highly collaborative environment.”


The PhilaU deck of playing cards features four unique student-designed suits.

The winning designs will be exhibited at the UCDA Design Show at the group’s annual design conference in September in Long Beach, Calif.

Graphic design communication students worked with students in architecture and law and society to produce stunning visual elements for the “Single Bullet” exhibit, including a timeline of events that happened on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination. Learn more about the “Single Bullet” exhibition.

The Office of Admissions commissioned graphic design communication students to create a PhilaU-branded deck of playing cards as a unique recruiting tool. The deck features four original suits with illustrations inspired by famous innovators, typical college experiences, Mardi Gras and fairy tales. Learn more about the PhilaU deck of playing cards.

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PhilaU Wins 2nd APPA Award for Facilities Management

Philadelphia University received its second consecutive APPA Award for Excellence in Facilities Management at the 2014 APPA Annual Conference in San Diego July 21-23.

“This award is a validation of our commitment to running efficient, well-managed and sustainable campus operations,” said Tom Becker, associate vice president for operations. “We’re very pleased to be recognized for the second time as being among the best in the nation in higher educational facilities management.”

The award, which is valid for five years, was last given to PhilaU in 2009. The Award for Excellence is APPA’s highest institutional honor and has been awarded to such prestigious facilities as the Smithsonian Institution in the past.

APPA is a professional organization for facilities managers at educational institutions.

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Mark Sunderland on Lululemon’s Use of Patents to Protect Designs: Huffington Post

Mark Sunderland, textile engineer and strategist, talked about design patents in a July 27 Huffington Post article on the popular athletic wear firm Lululemon’s use of patents to protect their designs.

The story was also reported July 24 by Medical Daily.

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Philadelphia University Design Workshop Course Wins Awards

news_program_ucda2014_singlebulletTwo projects produced by the Philadelphia University Design Workshop (PUDW) course have won Awards of Excellence from the 2014 University and College Designers Association 44th Annual Design Competition. This national competition was juried by industry professionals, and the judges evaluated over 1,000 entries; selecting just 179 to receive awards (approx. 18% of work submitted). Selected work will appear in the UCDA Design Show at the Annual UCDA Design Conference in September, 2014 at Long Beach, CA.

Receiving an Award of Excellence was the Exhibition Design and Collateral Materials for Single Bullet: Arlen Specter & the Warren Commission Investigation of the JFK Assassination. Graphic Design students that worked on the Single Bullet project were John Alberto, Annelise Babula, Christina Minopoli and Lauren Yager. The client was the Arlen Specter Center for Public Service at Philadelphia University.

news_program_ucda2014_playingcardsAnd receiving two Awards of Excellence was the PhilaU Admissions Deck of Playing Cards project. Student designers that worked on the Deck of Playing Cards were Rebecca Cox, Dan Dinsmore, Giovanni Frias and Krista Serianni. The client was the Philadelphia University Office of Admissions.

Receiving national recognition like this from professional peers is very gratifying and goes to confirm the hard work, dedication and talent of our students and faculty alike.

The Philadelphia University Design Workshop provides students with an opportunity to work on real projects for real clients, thus gaining valuable experience while still in school. In addition, the Philadelphia University Design Workshop provides a tremendous opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams in a highly collaborative environment.

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Lululemon Design Patents May Be Difficult to Enforce, Mark Sunderland Tells BuzzFeed

Mark Sunderland, textile engineer and strategist, says Lululemon’s  aggressive use of design patents to protect their pricey line of athletic wear may be a valuable tool, but difficult to enforce, according to a July 22 story in BuzzFeed, “Lululemon Is The Fashion Industry’s Biggest Patent Troll.”

“If the design is unique enough, I think the Patent Office should give out patents on it – but how they determine what’s unique enough, that’s the question,” said Sunderland, director of academic operations for Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce.

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DIY: Rainbow Ombre Nails

If there’s one thing I love most about life; it’s finding cool new ways to do my nails. When I was younger I would experiment all types of designs and color combinations and now that I’m older, well… I still do the same thing. My most recent design (rainbow ombre) has me so obsessed with staring at my nails that I don’t want to ever change them! I got my nails done at the salon this time because I wanted gel polish, but I watched closely and learned that this design can easily be a DIY project.

Things you need: a clear top and base coat, nail polish, a skinny nail design brush, water.

(Photo Courtesy: Victoria Pickens)

(Photo Courtesy: Victoria Pickens)

First you need to choose 6 different colors of polish: orange, pink, purple, blue, green and yellow. I suggest using a regular shade of orange, a bubblegum pink, a lavender, a sky blue, a lime green and a regular shade of yellow. After you pick the color combination you like best, paint your nails with a clear base coat to prep for the regular polish.

Starting on your pinky nail, paint the outside half of the nail orange and the inside half pink. Next, take the skinny brush, dip it lightly in water and brush from side to side all the way down your nails. This horizontal and vertical movement should blend the two colors together. Repeat these steps on the rest of your nails using the different colors.

Hint: the pattern should continue as pink and purple on your ring finger, purple and blue on your middle finger, blue and green on your pointer finger and then green and yellow on your thumb. This will create the effect that the colors are blending into each other.

Finally, paint your nails with a top coat and let them dry fully (this is definitely not a paint job you want to mess up). Now you’ll have the perfect rainbow ombre nails for the summer!

What are some current nail trends you’ve tried? Share pictures with us on Instagram @StyleLinePhilaU!

(Victoria Pickens: Blog Editor)

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OPI & Clark + Kensington

The newest OPI collaboration isn’t with a celebrity like Nicki Minaj or Selena Gomez…. But with Clark + Kensington; the paint company. This is a collaboration that goes beyond great nail paint… It’s great paint for the interior of your home!

(Photo Courtesy: Clark + Kensington)

(Photo Courtesy: Clark + Kensington)

OPI nail polish colors are now available by the gallon so that our walls can match our fingers. The chicest shades of interior paint come in our OPI favorites such as Do You Lilac It? and Miami Beet. This collaboration merges beauty, fashion and interior design all together and, in my opinion, it’s an awesome idea. I am a true nail polish lover, so it’s a given that I was super excited to hear about this new product. It was a very innovative and creative decision for the two brands to work together.

You can shop this new paint collection at ACE Hardware and learn more about it on their website here. This has totally inspired me to paint my room a new color… Which one do you suggest?

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(Victoria Pickens: Blog Editor)

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