Lululemon Design Patents May Be Difficult to Enforce, Mark Sunderland Tells BuzzFeed

Mark Sunderland, textile engineer and strategist, says Lululemon’s  aggressive use of design patents to protect their pricey line of athletic wear may be a valuable tool, but difficult to enforce, according to a July 22 story in BuzzFeed, “Lululemon Is The Fashion Industry’s Biggest Patent Troll.”

“If the design is unique enough, I think the Patent Office should give out patents on it – but how they determine what’s unique enough, that’s the question,” said Sunderland, director of academic operations for Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce.

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DIY: Rainbow Ombre Nails

If there’s one thing I love most about life; it’s finding cool new ways to do my nails. When I was younger I would experiment all types of designs and color combinations and now that I’m older, well… I still do the same thing. My most recent design (rainbow ombre) has me so obsessed with staring at my nails that I don’t want to ever change them! I got my nails done at the salon this time because I wanted gel polish, but I watched closely and learned that this design can easily be a DIY project.

Things you need: a clear top and base coat, nail polish, a skinny nail design brush, water.

(Photo Courtesy: Victoria Pickens)

(Photo Courtesy: Victoria Pickens)

First you need to choose 6 different colors of polish: orange, pink, purple, blue, green and yellow. I suggest using a regular shade of orange, a bubblegum pink, a lavender, a sky blue, a lime green and a regular shade of yellow. After you pick the color combination you like best, paint your nails with a clear base coat to prep for the regular polish.

Starting on your pinky nail, paint the outside half of the nail orange and the inside half pink. Next, take the skinny brush, dip it lightly in water and brush from side to side all the way down your nails. This horizontal and vertical movement should blend the two colors together. Repeat these steps on the rest of your nails using the different colors.

Hint: the pattern should continue as pink and purple on your ring finger, purple and blue on your middle finger, blue and green on your pointer finger and then green and yellow on your thumb. This will create the effect that the colors are blending into each other.

Finally, paint your nails with a top coat and let them dry fully (this is definitely not a paint job you want to mess up). Now you’ll have the perfect rainbow ombre nails for the summer!

What are some current nail trends you’ve tried? Share pictures with us on Instagram @StyleLinePhilaU!

(Victoria Pickens: Blog Editor)

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OPI & Clark + Kensington

The newest OPI collaboration isn’t with a celebrity like Nicki Minaj or Selena Gomez…. But with Clark + Kensington; the paint company. This is a collaboration that goes beyond great nail paint… It’s great paint for the interior of your home!

(Photo Courtesy: Clark + Kensington)

(Photo Courtesy: Clark + Kensington)

OPI nail polish colors are now available by the gallon so that our walls can match our fingers. The chicest shades of interior paint come in our OPI favorites such as Do You Lilac It? and Miami Beet. This collaboration merges beauty, fashion and interior design all together and, in my opinion, it’s an awesome idea. I am a true nail polish lover, so it’s a given that I was super excited to hear about this new product. It was a very innovative and creative decision for the two brands to work together.

You can shop this new paint collection at ACE Hardware and learn more about it on their website here. This has totally inspired me to paint my room a new color… Which one do you suggest?

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(Victoria Pickens: Blog Editor)

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Executive David Sirkin ’94 To Give 2014 Convocation Address

PhotoDavid Sirkin ’94, president of The Neckwear Group at PVH Corp., will deliver the keynote address at Philadelphia University’s annual Convocation to welcome some 730 new students on Aug. 21 at 3 p.m. in the Gallagher Athletic, Recreation and Convocation Center.

The Convocation ceremony marks the first official meeting of the Class of 2018, as well as the Class of 2019 for students in the five-year architecture program.

Sirkin, a 1994 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in textile marketing and management, oversees sales, marketing, design, finance, warehouse and distribution, and planning and analysis for the neckwear group division of PVH Corp. The New York-based apparel company includes iconic global brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, IZOD and Speedo.

“We are proud to welcome David Sirkin as our 2014 Convocation speaker,” said President Stephen Spinelli Jr. “His success in the apparel industry is a brilliant example of the PhilaU ‘Powered to Do’ mantra. Our distinctive Nexus Learning curriculum empowers our graduates to become leaders in their fields. His inspiring and innovative business experience is a model of achievement for our incoming students.”

Sirkin has served on the executive team of the PVH neckwear group for more than seven years, during which time it grew to become the largest neckwear company in the world, with sales exceeding $200 million. He first joined the company in 2007 as vice president of sales and marketing for neckwear. In 2009, he was promoted to senior vice president and, two years later, he became executive vice president of the group.

Previously, Sirkin held positions as vice president of sales at the firms Randa Accessories, Velcorex DMC, and Galey & Lord. He began his career as a sales account executive at Milliken & Company.

On campus for PhilaU’s Explore Fashion Day in March 2013, when Sirkin shared his perspective on the fashion industry as part of a panel discussion, he applauded what the University has accomplished since he graduated two decades ago. “What faculty and administration have done here to give students an opportunity to learn is amazing,” he said. “They’ve taken it up a notch—or five.”

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Physician Assistant Studies Students Receive White Coats to Mark Start of Clinical Work


Members of the physician assistant studies Class of 2015 receive their white coats signifying their entry into clinical rotations.

Members of the M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies Class of 2015 marked the next step on their professional journeys July 17 as they accepted their short white coats signifying their entrance into clinical rotations.

At the program’s annual white coat ceremony, 44 students were presented with a white coat and a hug from their Class of 2014 mentors, who are now just weeks away from graduation.

“It is a symbolic passing of the torch from the graduating class to the next class,” said Jesse Coale, physician assistant studies program director.

Eric Jacala ’15, who received his white coat during the ceremony, will start his clinical rotations July 21 in Abington Memorial Hospital’s surgery department. “The faculty here has done an amazing job preparing us,” he said. “Now I’m going to be working with real patients.”


Radhika Patel (right) presents Ashmi Patel (no relation) with her white coat.

“As a physician assistant, you get to really make an impact on people’s lives,” said Ariana Harkins ’15, who will start her hands-on clinical work at Germantown Pediatrics next week. She said she’s excited about working with children and administering vaccinations. “I’m looking forward to applying all the techniques we’ve learned in class in a real setting.”

Sarah Fletcher, who will begin her clinical rotations in surgery at Lankenau Medical Center, said the teamwork skills she learned at PhilaU will translate into success on the job. “You’re never alone in anything you do,” Fletcher said. “You have to be able to have a dialogue with other people about why they would do something a certain way.”

Wearing their new white coats at the ceremony, the students recited the physician assistant professional oath to uphold as their primary responsibility the “health, safety, welfare and dignity of all human beings.”

Matt Baker, executive dean of PhilaU’s College of Science, Health and the Liberal Arts, who is a physician assistant, offered the students a piece of sentimental advice. “There are many critical transition points in your education as a physician assistant,” Baker said. “The first day of class, the first day you open up your cadaver and, obviously, this day. I remember all of them. Savor them.”

PhilaU’s nationally recognized M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies program has been ranked 18th in the country by U.S. News and World Report. To help meet the growing need for health care providers in New Jersey, the University this month announced it is establishing an Atlantic City, N.J., campus for the program starting July 2015, in collaboration with Reliance Medical Group and Richard Stockton College. For more information about PhilaU’s physician assistant studies program, click here.

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My Current Obsessions: The Perfect Accessories

If fashion has one universal mantra, it’s that accessories can truly make or break an outfit.

Additions such as fancy jewelry, cool shoes, and pretty scarves help personalize and transform any look.

Lately, two accessories I have not been able to live without are my black floppy hat and my Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, both of which I purchased in Italy.

I did not just come across these items by chance; I had been searching long and hard for the perfect version of each style.

After seeing hats all over social media as a go-to for some of my favorite fashion bloggers, I set my heart on a black floppy version. Floppy hats are harder to find than one might think. I searched for several months, and finally found this version at a little shop in Rome for just 20 euros (about 30 US dollars). This hat has little cutouts and scalloped trim, making it different from other styles I’ve seen.

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Lind

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Lind

I bought my sunglasses at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store when I visited Milan.

Having done my research, I initially had a different pair of sunglasses in mind. I tried them on, but they ended up being too big for my face, so it wasn’t meant to be. I continued to browse through other styles of sunglasses and found a pair that suited me much better. When I put them on, they fit my face perfectly and just felt right.

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Lind

Photo Courtesy: Hayley Lind

These sunnies ended up being much different than the oversized version I had envisioned. They are a happy medium between wayfarer and cat eye styles. I was able to justify splurging, considering it was the flagship store and I was in the fashion capital of the world.

Needless to say, I am content with both purchases, as each item has a unique charm that has surpassed my sartorial expectations. These items will not only be staple pieces in my wardrobe, but also relics of my time abroad.

 (Hayley Lind: Blog Co-Editor)

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Real Men Wear Polka Dots

These days, girls are often seen rocking boyfriend jeans and snapbacks, but for some reason it is still shocking for a man to sport something feminine.

It all began when men started wearing pink, a trend that we either loved or hated. Recently, polka dots have been making an appearance in men’s wardrobes.

Personally, I adore a man with a twist in his fashion sense, especially when it comes to the dotty trend. This is clearly a daring risk to take, but there are tasteful ways to go about it.

The trick is to only incorporate one dotted piece per outfit. Pair a polka dotted blazer over some nice solid pants, like the man below, or if you are feeling kooky, try some dotted pants with a denim button-down.

Photo courtesy: Soletopia

Photo courtesy: Soletopia

If you are interested in trying the manly dot trend but don’t want to be scolded by your dude crew, take a more subtle approach. Try some polka dot socks or maybe even a dotted pocket square.

Ladies, don’t let this freak you out—if you are not keen on the trend, at least give the men some credit for trying.

Photo Courtesy: Lollydoodle

Photo Courtesy: Lollydoodle

If we can pull off androgynous styles, then there is no reason why men can’t rock feminine looks too.

Remember, there are no rules to fashion. Let your fashion sense soar guys, and try this bold, yet preppy trend. If Clooney can rock it, so can you!

(Christy Melrath: Blogger)

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PhilaU Students Volunteer to Provide Medical Care in Ghana


PhilaU students Hannah Breneman and Nathaniel Krispin assess a Ghanaian patient’s vital signs.

As the bus carrying Philadelphia University student medical volunteers pulled into the rural Ghanaian community of Ekumfi Techiman, hundreds of clapping, smiling children ran to greet those on board.

“When we got off the bus, we each had four kids glued to us,” Hannah Breneman, a rising third-year physician assistant studies student, said of the experience.

Breneman was part of a group of 35 undergraduate students who traveled to Ghana with PhilaU’s Global Medical Brigades chapter from May 25 to June 4 to provide free medical services to those without access to quality health care. Another group of 18 graduate physician assistant studies students and program director Jesse Coale will provide medical care in Honduras from July 19 to 25.

In Ghana, the students worked out of a local school to help with triage, medical consultations, pharmacy, OB-GYN and dental hygiene stations, as part of a mobile medical clinic.

“The community we went to had a ratio of one physician for every 48,000 people,” said Kelly Wong, a nurse practitioner for PhilaU’s student health services who went on the Ghana medical service trip. “The types of illnesses we saw were anything from an ear infection to a skin infection to malaria.”

Working with an interpreter, students assessed the patients’ medical complaints, helped health care providers create treatment plans, and worked with a pharmacist to fill and distribute medications, as well as educate patients on how to take the medications.


(From left to right) Katherine Larkin, Hannah Myung, and Olaperi Onalaja teach children who attend Ekumfi Techiman Primary School about dental hygiene.

The group treated 800 people in four days, leaving a positive impact on a culture where access to medical care and equipment is limited. And, as a result of the group’s fundraising efforts this spring, the PhilaU students were able to bring more than $30,000 worth of medical supplies and medications—as well as a few soccer balls—to Ghana.

Soccer, it turns out, is wildly popular in Ghana, and something that PhilaU star lacrosse midfielder Libby Nichols, who also played competitive soccer, knows something about.

“We played a Ghana vs. the United States soccer game right before the World Cup,” said Nichols, a 2014 pre-medical studies graduate and Fulbright Scholar, who will study head injuries from heading the soccer ball in Germany this year. “They were all barefoot and they still beat us three to one.”

As president of PhilaU’s Global Medical Brigades chapter, Nichols helped organize the trip. “I’ve done other mission trips, so I’ve seen what this type of poverty looks like, but you never get used to seeing how differently other people live in different parts of the world,” Nichols said. “It was a very humbling experience. I think they made a bigger impact on us than even we had on them.”

“I did not expect to be so greatly impacted by the amount of gratitude the Ghanaians expressed,” Amanda McGurk, a sophomore majoring in health sciences, said. “The appreciation of the village, as well as the adorable children that flocked to us from day one, made it very hard to leave. The Global Medical Brigades trip to Ghana was a life-changing experience.”

The trip, while open to students in all majors, offered a unique opportunity for students to gain real-world medical experience as undergraduates. “If students are interested in science, but are unsure if they want to go into direct patient care, they have an opportunity to directly interact with patients and shadow practitioners,” Wong said of the Ghana experience.

Breneman said the trip gave her valuable exposure to different medical needs. “I have always been interested in dermatology,” she said. “This experience opened my eyes to the primary care and family-care setting.”


PhilaU’s Global Medical Brigades chapter treated 800 people in four days in Ghana.


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Reebok Classic Breakout at PhilaU Featured in DIME Magazine, Philadelphia Tribune and Breitbart News

The Reebok Classic Breakout camp for the nation’s top high school hoopsters, which took place at PhilaU July 9-11, was featured in DIME magazine, The Philadelphia Tribune, and Breitbart News.

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Reebok Classic Breakout at PhilaU Featured on NBC Sports, Philadelphia Inquirer, SB Nation

Coverage of Reebok’s Classic Breakout basketball camp at Philadelphia University continued with July 14 stories on NBC Sports and The Philadelphia Inquirer and SB Nation July 10.

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