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“Not Just Eye Candy: Design Work by Frank Baseman” University of Delaware Exhibition

news_faculty_basemanUD-1Professor of Graphic Design Communication Frank Baseman is preparing for another solo exhibition of the work of Baseman Design Associates and Base Press, to be held at the Recitation Hall Gallery at the University of Delaware.news_faculty_basemanUD-2Not Just Eye Candy, Design Work by Frank Baseman is an exhibition of select work from Frank Baseman’s three-decade-plus career as a professional graphic designer. Featured in the exhibition is a continuation of recent work combining two of Baseman’s favorite long-term interests: rebuses, those words and images coming together to make a visual puzzle (think “I Heart NY” and “America Runs on Dunkin”), familiar to many of us since childhood when we first encountered them while learning to read, and letterpress printing, a centuries-old method of relief printing.

news_faculty_basemanUD-3In a playful manner, Baseman has reinterpreted well-known quotes and phrases using rebuses, and all of this work has been printed by hand using a vintage letterpress. Also on display are several typographic explorations, including work produced during an Artist/Designer in Residence at UD’s Raven Press; Continue reading

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Class of 2018 Student Awards

We bid farewell and adieu to the Jefferson Graphic Design Class of 2018 and congratulate them on their awards and successes. We have a lovely traditional of Top 5 Portfolios here and the results are in: No. 1 Portfolio, Charlotte Rymar; No. 2, Zack Fau… Continue reading

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New Impressions 2018

news_program_basemannewimpressionsProfessor and Program Director Frank Baseman was honored to be included in the upcoming exhibition, New Impressions 2018, with a recent letterpress print. New Impressions, produced by the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, is an “international, juried exhibition to showcase exploration and creativity with letterpress printing techniques. From this age-old tradition, we strive to challenge and inspire artists to continue the love of printing.” There will be work on display from 44 artists in 9 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina, Austria, Norway, Brazil and Italy. The exhibition runs from April 17 to June 30, 2018 at Hamilton; and then travels in the Fall of 2018.

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Highest Honors: Jefferson Graphic Design Top Design School and Students to Watch 2018 in Graphic Design USA Magazine

For the seventh year in a row, the Jefferson Graphic Design Communication program is represented in the prestigious “Students to Watch 2018” issue of Graphic Design USA Magazine. Peter Aston and Zachary Faust were named Students to Watch in the Ja… Continue reading

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ONYX Shoe Packaging Project Wins Graphis New Talent Merit Award

news_program_graffonyx1The ONYX Shoe Packaging project designed by senior-year student Paige Graff has won a Merit Award in the 2018 Graphis New Talent Design Annual. The project was completed in the Package Design course taught by Associate Professor Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel in Fall 2017. Here is how Paige describes the project: In my research, I found rock climbers to be very organized with their ropes, shoes, carabiners and climbing packs. I was inspired by the organization of their tools and designed the structure around how a rope would be wrapped in storage.

news_program_graffonyx2My interactive shoe packaging, includes a climbing rope that doubles as a hanging feature in stores, as well as a handle for customers after purchase. The structure has wells for each shoe, which is held in place by rock climbing jugs. This way, the shoes can stand vertically, when held by the rope handle, mimicking the position the shoes would be in when in use. When shoes are taken out, the customer can remove the climbing jugs, to reveal instructions for repurpose. The climbing jugs have holes, so they can be screwed into drywall Continue reading

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Modern Monsters Website Wins Award

news_faculty_russell_frankula4On January 14, 2018 Bluecadet’s website, Modern Monsters, was named site of the day on the Awwwards website. Adjunct faculty member Elizabeth Russell was the project manager and led the content development of the experience.Modern Monsters is a digital experiences developed for the Rosenbach Museum exhibition, Frankenstein & Dracula: Gothic Monsters, Modern Science. Created for the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Frankenstein, the exhibition explores the science that inspired the novelists. Original manuscripts and handwritten notes by the authors are paired with scientific works from the 19th century.

news_faculty_russell_frankula1The digital experience brings a contemporary perspective to the themes of the two novels. Pairing a projection and computer kiosk, visitors are asked to design a creature or experiment to fight modern monsters like the mosquito that spreads the zika virus, climate change and body snatchers. The exhibition runs through February 11, 2018.

news_faculty_russell_frankula2Bluecadet created a web version of Modern Monsters for Arizona State University’s online Frankenstein-themed ARG experience, Life Academy. Through weekly tasks, players help a researcher—the great-granddaughter of Frankenstein—uncover information about Continue reading

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Represent: An Exhibit of Student Projects

Last week was “Represent: An Exhibit of Student Projects,” an event hosted by the Education Committee of AIGA Philadelphia. The event—held at the digital agency Bluecadet’s Philadelphia studio—showcased exceptional design projects from seve… Continue reading

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Designer, Activist, Woman: A Panel Discussion

The Graphic Design Communication program at Jefferson recently hosted “Designer, Activist, Woman,” an exciting panel discussion organized by Associate Professor, Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel. The panelists spoke to students about a wide range of inspiring experiences with activist-focused endeavors and helped the students understand how they can use their design skills to promote positive change. The panelists included:

Suzy Mackie: founding member of the UK-based activist feminist poster collective, “See Red Women’s Workshop,” active 1974–1990

Michele Cooper: owner of Cooper Graphic Design and co-founder of activist group, “Sisters in Solidarity”

Emily Cooper Morse: founder/lead organizer of the Women’s March on Philadelphia attended by over 50,000 individuals and founding board member of Philly Women Rally

Maryam Pugh: owner and co-founder of Philadelphia Printworks, a digital and physical community space dedicated to creative collaboration around activism



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Golden Moments for Professor Walker and Gold Collective

news_faculty_rwalkergold2017-1Assistant Professor Renee Walker‘s studio Gold Collective has enjoyed a fruitful year with local, national, and international recognition. In Fall 2016, Gold was invited to submit a poster for the international Anfachen Award under the theme “World of Women.” Gold’s poster Work, Family, Life was selected and exhibited on the streets of Hamburg, Germany. In addition, two of Gold’s projects were selected and featured in the 2016 Print Regional Design Annual: Exploring Science in the Studio Identity and a letterpress cover for California College of the Arts MFA Writing Book. Judges included Jennifer Morla, Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman, Marc English, Gail Anderson and Bill Grant.news_faculty_rwalkergold2017-2At home in Philadelphia this past Spring, Gold had three projects selected and exhibited in AIGA’s Philadelphia Design Awards: Exploring Science in the Studio,Sightlines publication, and the silkscreened EAT, DRINK, BAKE posters.

news_faculty_rwalkergold2017-3Professor Walker’s conceptual Rethink Food Label designs were exhibited in the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) in a show entitled Food by Design: Sustaining the Future that ran from January 25–May 21, 2017. She was also invited this past summer to speak about the Intersection of Information Design and Health at the College of Population Health at Jefferson and about Information Design in Activism as part of a workshop series by the Design Activist Institute.



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Wonderful Recent Developments from Warkulwiz Design Associates

Jefferson Graphic Design long-time adjunct Professor, Bob Warkulwiz, and his design firm Warkulwiz Design Associates (including alum, senior graphic designer Emily Zuwiala (PhilaU GDC, 2010) have been very busy and productive lately. Among the activities and accolades of WDA: Warkulwiz Design Associates was listed among the best graphic design firms in the region for the 9th straight year.news_faculty_bobwda2017-1WDA is responsible for all branding, advertising and collateral for GoPhillyGo; recently voted best website for cyclists in Philly Mag’s “Best of Philly-2017” awards. WDA was recently awarded GoPhillyGo in GDUSA’S Health & Wellness awards. And WDA created branding for Inovio Pharmaceutical’s internal recognition and award system.



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