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AIGA Jefferson at 2017 Lancaster Letterpress Fair

This past weekend, a bunch of active AIGA Jefferson Graphic Design students traveled to Lancaster to attend the 2017 Lancaster Letterpress Fair, hosted by the Heritage Press Museum and the .918 Club. They got to support letterpress professionals and cr… Continue reading

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The Bridges of Beth Emmott

Adjunct Instructor, Beth Emmott, currently has an oil painting, “Wissahickon Bridge: Summer” on exhibit at Imperfect Gallery’s Sixth Annual Germantown Show. The painting is one of a series she is working on entitled “Bridges, not Barriers” i… Continue reading

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Golden Moments for Professor Walker and Gold Collective

news_faculty_rwalkergold2017-1Assistant Professor Renee Walker‘s studio Gold Collective has enjoyed a fruitful year with local, national, and international recognition. In Fall 2016, Gold was invited to submit a poster for the international Anfachen Award under the theme “World of Women.” Gold’s poster Work, Family, Life was selected and exhibited on the streets of Hamburg, Germany. In addition, two of Gold’s projects were selected and featured in the 2016 Print Regional Design Annual: Exploring Science in the Studio Identity and a letterpress cover for California College of the Arts MFA Writing Book. Judges included Jennifer Morla, Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman, Marc English, Gail Anderson and Bill Grant.news_faculty_rwalkergold2017-2At home in Philadelphia this past Spring, Gold had three projects selected and exhibited in AIGA’s Philadelphia Design Awards: Exploring Science in the Studio,Sightlines publication, and the silkscreened EAT, DRINK, BAKE posters.

news_faculty_rwalkergold2017-3Professor Walker’s conceptual Rethink Food Label designs were exhibited in the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) in a show entitled Food by Design: Sustaining the Future that ran from January 25–May 21, 2017. She was also invited this past summer to speak about the Intersection of Information Design and Health at the College of Population Health at Jefferson and about Information Design in Activism as part of a workshop series by the Design Activist Institute.



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Wonderful Recent Developments from Warkulwiz Design Associates

Jefferson Graphic Design long-time adjunct Professor, Bob Warkulwiz, and his design firm Warkulwiz Design Associates (including alum, senior graphic designer Emily Zuwiala (PhilaU GDC, 2010) have been very busy and productive lately. Among the activities and accolades of WDA: Warkulwiz Design Associates was listed among the best graphic design firms in the region for the 9th straight year.news_faculty_bobwda2017-1WDA is responsible for all branding, advertising and collateral for GoPhillyGo; recently voted best website for cyclists in Philly Mag’s “Best of Philly-2017” awards. WDA was recently awarded GoPhillyGo in GDUSA’S Health & Wellness awards. And WDA created branding for Inovio Pharmaceutical’s internal recognition and award system.



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Professor Shirrell Workshop with Franklin Institute’s STEM Scholars

This summer, Beth Shirrell, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Communication at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), along with Neha Agarwal (Senior Experience Designer at Think Company), were asked to run a design thin… Continue reading

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Baseman Exhibition at Penn State

news_faculty_basemanPSUexhibitProgram Director and Professor, Frank Baseman, will have an exhibition of his design work at Penn State University, Sept. 22 through Oct. 27, 2017. The exhibition, Rebus Quotes and Other Typographic Explorations, will be on display in the Rouse Gallery, within the Stuckeman Family Building on the University Park campus, with a Gallery Talk on Fri. Sept. 22 at 4pm.

As an undergraduate student studying Graphic Design at Penn State in the late seventies and early eighties (graduating in 1981 with a BA in Graphic Design), Penn State has always felt like the place where Baseman discovered Graphic Design. Upon completing a Spring 2017 sabbatical, Baseman is grateful for the opportunity to exhibit some of the work completed during his sabbatical.

The Rebus Quotes project brings together two of Baseman’s favorite long-term interests: letterpress printing and rebuses, those words and images coming together to make a visual puzzle. In a playful manner, Baseman has reinterpreted well-known quotes and phrases using rebuses, and all of the quotes have been printed by hand with a vintage letterpress. Also on display are several typographic explorations and additional projects from Baseman’s three-decade-plus professional practice. The exhibition and project were promoted on <a Continue reading

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DiSanto Part of Design for Good Panel

Adjunct Professor, Rose DiSanto, has been invited to participate in Hi-Res Live’s December 8 podcast “Design for Good.” Host Ryan Starr will be facilitating a live recording of the podcast, talking about design for the greater good with designers… Continue reading

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Churchman Curates Arbitrary Pleasures

Adjunct Professor Laurie Churchman curates and designs Arbitrary Pleasures, an exhibition of artists books by Dan Rose (with collaboration by PhilaU GDC student, Amy Bachhuber, 2018). Dan Rose conjures the controlled wildness of Raymond Roussel, Marce… Continue reading

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Churchman Judges HOW Self-Promo

news_faculty_churchmanhowjudgeAdjunct Professor Laurie Churchman judged How Magazine’s most recent Promotion & Marketing Design competition. HOW’s longest-running design competition, the HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards, is the only award that specifically recognizes outstanding promotion design work. Whether it’s a self-promo to showcase a design firm’s capabilities, a project that touts a client’s goods, an announcement for a major life event, or a student designer’s résumé or design portfolio it deserves recognition. Churchman encourages all students to enter the competition next year!

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Design + Illustration + Collaboration + Integration

news_faculty_tandemdudes1Two of PhilaU Graphic Design’s finest, Adjunct Professors Steve DeCusatis and Mario Zucca, gave a presentation of their respective work and led a workshop at this year’s Tandem Design Conference, the annual student-run design conference held at PhilaU. Their lecture “Design + Illustration + Collaboration + Integration” covered their journeys since graduating from Tyler School of Art. Steve and Mario discussed being business owners and educators, integrating workflows, and collaborations on many projects. Various work and interdisciplinary collaborations with other designers, illustrators, animators, clients and more were shared with students and professionals alike.

news_faculty_tandemdudes2The duo also led a workshop, entitled “Exquisite Workshop,” which focused on collaborating with fellow attendees to create wildly fun exquisite corpses. They encouraged image-making, collaboration, and media experimentation in this hands-on workshop. The attendees reviewed their work, shared the creations, and then posted via social media for future connections. Photography by Sam Fritch


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