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Graphic Design Discovery Day 2018 and Real World Jefferson Graphic Design Alumni Event

news_program_2018discoveryday1The Graphic Design Communication program proudly welcomed back a stellar lineup of alums at the annual Real World 2018 Jefferson Graphic Design Alumni event. The seats were packed in the DEC Center Forum with prospective students and parents attending the Graphic Design Discovery Day, as well as current students (regardless that their attendance was required!) to hear the “pearls of wisdom” offered by those that have made their way in the real world (yes, there is life after college!). In a panel discussion format, recent graduates of the Jefferson (PhilaU) Graphic Design program shared their career advice and experiences and useful job-searching information with the audience. Thanks everyone for coming back to see us, and for giving us your valuable time—please continue to stay in touch!news_program_2018discoveryday2news_program_2018discoveryday3The stellar alumni lineup (left to right): Elissa Flanigan (2014), Designer, Quirk Books, Phila. PA; RonnieAlley (2016), Designer, Pixel Parlor, Phila. PA; Caroline Noebels (2016), Graphic Designer, Push10, Phila. PA; Kendra Stepp-Davis (2016), Junior Graphic Designer, Bombas,  New York, NY; Jessica Eversmeyer (2015), Senior Graphic Designer, 20nine, Continue reading

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Highest Honors: Jefferson Graphic Design Top Design School and Students to Watch 2018 in Graphic Design USA Magazine

For the seventh year in a row, the Jefferson Graphic Design Communication program is represented in the prestigious “Students to Watch 2018” issue of Graphic Design USA Magazine. Peter Aston and Zachary Faust were named Students to Watch in the Ja… Continue reading

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ONYX Shoe Packaging Project Wins Graphis New Talent Merit Award

news_program_graffonyx1The ONYX Shoe Packaging project designed by senior-year student Paige Graff has won a Merit Award in the 2018 Graphis New Talent Design Annual. The project was completed in the Package Design course taught by Associate Professor Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel in Fall 2017. Here is how Paige describes the project: In my research, I found rock climbers to be very organized with their ropes, shoes, carabiners and climbing packs. I was inspired by the organization of their tools and designed the structure around how a rope would be wrapped in storage.

news_program_graffonyx2My interactive shoe packaging, includes a climbing rope that doubles as a hanging feature in stores, as well as a handle for customers after purchase. The structure has wells for each shoe, which is held in place by rock climbing jugs. This way, the shoes can stand vertically, when held by the rope handle, mimicking the position the shoes would be in when in use. When shoes are taken out, the customer can remove the climbing jugs, to reveal instructions for repurpose. The climbing jugs have holes, so they can be screwed into drywall Continue reading

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AIGA Jefferson Student Group Throws Successful Unity Gala

news_program_unitygala2017-1By Lauren Faurl (Jefferson Graphic Design, 2018)

While the rise of social media helps students to connect, networking between these students is slim, and communication is often limited to those attending school together. AIGA student groups—as well as AIGA as a whole—is a great tool to bridge this communications gap. AIGA Jefferson recently created Unity: A Poster Gala, to empower and encourage young designers to keep doing what they love to do while encouraging the communication between aspiring student designers within our own community.

news_program_unitygala2017-2Participating and creating events such as Unity: A Poster Gala, truly does bring students together. It’s an amazing way to network, building friendships and create potential opportunities in the future. As students, we are the future, and the more we work together, the stronger we will become. We really encourage student groups in the Philly area to participate in events as well as create events like this. For starters: it’s fun! It’s fun, encouraging and inspiring to see students taking the time out of their schedules to create something non-school related to share. More events like these will help continue to inspire students to Continue reading

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This Time Last Year: Study Abroad in Roma!

news_program_charlottestudyabroad1By Charlotte Rymar (Jefferson Graphic Design, 2018)

This time last year, I was exploring Rome, Italy at the University of Arkansas Rome Center. It was the first time in my life that I was truly exposed to a new culture, language, and landscape. I tried my best to immerse myself in italian culture, and by embracing cappuccinos, long dinners, crazy traffic, and lack of personal space, I learned to love what was my new home for those 4 months. news_program_charlottestudyabroad2In my time abroad, I was able to travel to other cities in Italy, such as Florence, Verona, Sorrento, Capri, Almafi Coast, and the italian alps. I also had the chance to explore Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. At the university, my design professor from Milan guided us as we rebranded a museum and cafe in Rome, Mercati di Traiano Museo dei Fori Imperali (Trajan Market and Imperial Forum). I also took visual journaling, where we walked around and did elevations and studies of our surrounding architecture. It was amazing being able to design, create, learn, and explore in a whole new country, and being back for my Continue reading

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End of Fall 2017 Semester Reviews

news_program_2017fallreviews-5There were several days of stellar work on display at the end of Fall 2017 Semester Reviews. Cohort by cohort, class by class, from the Sophomores completing D3 (Intro. to Typography); to the Juniors completing D5 (Intro to Brand Identity); to the Seniors completing D7 (Systems Design Integration). It’s a lovely tradition that we have here at Jefferson Graphic Design to bring the classes together; for an opportunity for the students to see what their fellow students have been up to/produced; for the faculty to have a sense of the overall work being produced; and for outside guests/visitors of the program to see what we have been up to. All in all, a great time was had by all, and the work looking very strong. Congrats everyone!








<a Continue reading

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Getting Inky at Letterpress Workshop at Lead Graffiti

Several students in the Design 3, Introduction to Typography course participated in a hands-on letterpress workshop at Lead Graffiti, a full-service letterpress studio/shop in Newark, Delaware. Students got an opportunity to work in the time-honored tr… Continue reading

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Represent: An Exhibit of Student Projects

Last week was “Represent: An Exhibit of Student Projects,” an event hosted by the Education Committee of AIGA Philadelphia. The event—held at the digital agency Bluecadet’s Philadelphia studio—showcased exceptional design projects from seve… Continue reading

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AIGA Jefferson Student Group Kickoff

Last week four of our AIGA Jefferson student group’s officers attended the AIGA Philadelphia Student Group Kickoff. The Kickoff was a hit and had students from schools such as Tyler School of Art, West Chester University and Moore College of Art and … Continue reading

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AIGA Jefferson at 2017 Lancaster Letterpress Fair

This past weekend, a bunch of active AIGA Jefferson Graphic Design students traveled to Lancaster to attend the 2017 Lancaster Letterpress Fair, hosted by the Heritage Press Museum and the .918 Club. They got to support letterpress professionals and cr… Continue reading

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