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The Midterm Elections: What Happened

The Spark The Midterm Elections: What Happened By: Trevor Perks and John Warholic The 2018 midterm election was one for the books. More than 47 percent of the population that could vote voted, which means it has reached a 50 year high exceeding 100 mil… Continue reading

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Trump Email Scandal

Trump Email Scandal Source: It seems it has all come full circle in the world of politics as Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior adviser, was revealed to have sent hundreds of emails regarding government business from her priva… Continue reading

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We The People Rally: Protesters, Activists, and Police heatedly conflict

“We’ve got the numbers!” chanted counter-protesters across from Independence Center at the We The People Rally on Saturday. They were right. The rally attracted attendants from across the country and notably, from groups like the Prou… Continue reading

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The Synagogue Shootings

The Synagogue Shooting Mitchell Kurek Source: ABS News Unfortunately, this is not the first mass shooting we as a nation have to mourn in recent years. On Saturday, October 27 at 9:50 a.m., 46-year-old, neo-Nazi, Robert Bowers entered a synagogue in Sq… Continue reading

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Pharrell Williams Issued Ceased and Desist over use of song “Happy”

Pharrell Williams Issued Ceased and Desist over use of song “Happy” Caroline Duffy Source: Hollywood Reporter “There was nothing ‘happy’ about the tragedy inflicted upon our country on Saturday…,” these words came from Pharrell Wi… Continue reading

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The Migrant Caravan

The Migrant Caravan Joshua De Oliveira Source: New York Times October 13, 2018, a group of 160 migrant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras met at a bus terminal with the intent to flee their country plagued by violence and corruption. They wouldn’t be the on… Continue reading

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Redefining Identity

Redefining Identity Thomas Luu On October 21st, 2018, the New York Times revealed a leaked draft of a Department of Human Health and Services memo that  noted the Trump administration’s intent to rewrite the current legal definition of gender to be … Continue reading

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Nikki Haley resigns as UN Ambassador

Nikki Haley Resigns as UN Ambassador Alex Judd On October 9th, it was announced that Nikki Haley will resign as the US ambassador to the UN  and by the end of 2018 there will be a new UN ambassador, hand picked by the president. It was a relatively un… Continue reading

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Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Advances to Final Floor

Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Advances to Final Floor Source: Business Insider Early Friday morning, the senate voted yes (51-49) to advance Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh to the final floor vote, which is expected to occur on Saturday. This nomin… Continue reading

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A Historical Op-Ed

A Historical Op-Ed Mitchell Kurek Source: Daily Wire The United States has certainly had its fair share of political drama these past few years, but few stories rival the current events seen in the executive branch of our government. An op-ed anonymous… Continue reading

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