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Spring 2015 Trend: Rompers

By: Tori Radday, Blogger With inches and inches of snow on the ground, it may seem like spring is months away. However, spring is right around the corner and recently, I can’t stop thinking about and planning my wardrobe for it! This spring, I’m loving rompers in particular. The playful feeling, versatility and unique shape […] Continue reading

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Trend Report: Menswear Accessories

By: Nia Wilson, Blogger Guys, don’t ever be out of the loop in fashion! There are millions of ways to push the envelope with your accessories, take a quick look at these compilations of items and let your stylish minds go wild. You can’t go wrong by trying to spice up your style with a […] Continue reading

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Trend Report: Winter White

With winter approaching, many of us are transitioning into all-black wardrobes. While black is usually a smart choice, winter is actually an ideal time to experiment with lighter hues, particularly shades of white. Forget the “no white after Labor Day” cliché.  As long as you choose the correct fabrics and accessories, white can be extremely […] Continue reading

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History of the Concho Belt

As a proud owner of two vintage versions, you could say that I am cuckoo for Concho belts. Concho belts originated in the late 1800’s, when Navajo silversmiths began using a homemade die and hammer to create intricate designs on silver dollars. They then fastened them to leather thongs. In the 1900’s, turquoise and copper […] Continue reading

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Don’t be Clueless; Keep Up With the Revival of 90′s Trends!

Films have always been a great way for me to find style ideas. I have had countless fashion inspirations from movies of all decades, but recently my biggest inspiration is coming from the 90’s classics. For those of us who grew up during the 90’s, looking back at old pictures used to be a very […] Continue reading

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Trend Report: Revival of the Choker

Remember those tattoo choker necklaces we used to wear in elementary school? I specifically remember my mom being upset that I didn’t take mine off for picture day in the 4th grade… And well, I didn’t take it off for pictures because I never took it off for any reason. (I even convinced my soccer coaches […] Continue reading

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Trend Report: Shirt Bottoms

As this summer comes to an end one of the newest trends to surface are shirt bottoms, or skirts and shorts that appear to be shirts. This may sound ridiculous (and a bit confusing) at first, but just imagine wearing an extra shirt around your waist where the arms tie in the front… You can […] Continue reading

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Real Men Wear Polka Dots

These days, girls are often seen rocking boyfriend jeans and snapbacks, but for some reason it is still shocking for a man to sport something feminine. It all began when men started wearing pink, a trend that we either loved or hated. Recently, polka dots have been making an appearance in men’s wardrobes. Personally, I […] Continue reading

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Trend Report: Floral Crown

Aren’t we all just hippies? No but really, the hippie style is starting to trend in a new 2014 generation. Floral prints have made a huge statement in spring this year and the popular ones are daisies and sun flowers. Hippies are usually identified by their earthy toned clothing and floral crowns which are now […] Continue reading

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Trend Report: Red Lips

Listen ladies, red lips are back “in” again! They initially started in Hollywood with movie stars such as Jean Harlow in the 1930s to Veronica Lake in the 1940s and of course, 1950s icon Marilyn Monroe. Today, red lips can be a statement within casual everyday wear. It is proven that the color red resembles […] Continue reading

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