The Freedom Pill

The Freedom Pill Thomas Luu Texas A&M Health Science Center The American Revolution. A catalyst of an entire age of revolutions across the world. From the wealthiest monarchs in France to European colonists, the rights of the common people were augmented to allow for great social mobility and increased general freedom. The American Revolution, however, …

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To Be a Man

To Be a Man Thomas Luu Source: Psychology Today Two hundred years, a drop in the bucket in terms of how long this big, blue world has existed, yet a drop so dense, that its splash still sending tidal waves of traditions, and thoughts and processes that are centuries old. These two hundred years of …

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Stoicism: Revisited

Stoicism: Revisited Alex Judd Sailing by in the doldrums of 2018, many seem afflicted by a negative nancy attitude. Slowly rowing along the new year- parties, ignoring homework, tide pods, and dread. Many of us see bad habits in ourselves. Many of us have our will crushed. Blame David Hume and Francis Bacon for that. …

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