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Topic: Who is doing this, and how may surprise you.

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Can We All Get Along? Affinity Groups and Intersectionality

TOPIC: Students from William Penn Charter School along with assistance by Philadelphia University and the Arlen Specter Ctr. for Public Service hosted this special roundtable where we discussed whether the Black Lives Matter movement is solely a Black Student Union issue and whether the recent “religious freedom” laws are only of interest to LGBTQ groups. We concluded by focusing on how various affinity groups can come together around common causes to better our communities.

Let’s Bloody Talk

TOPIC: All women will menstruate at some point in their life, but how much do we really know about menstruation? Menstruation is not openly talked about in the media, in schools or even in private, but why not? This roundtable is an open discussion to talk about the stigmas surrounding periods, period sex, free flow and other period-related topics. This discussion featured personal stories about first periods, period mishaps and other related experiences. Please listen and learn a little bit more about menstruation. Let us change the norm and finally talk about periods!

The Gift of Grief

TOPIC: How do we deal with our own grief or the grief of our friends, co-workers and loved ones? How do we define loss? What can we learn from grief? This roundtable hosted by a very prominent panel offers a deeply moving and very special experience.

Too Big to Fail, Again

TOPIC: The banks were too big to fail
The country is too big to fail – (look at the deficit)
If that is true, then isn’t the environment is too big to fail?
This discussion focused on the roles of responsibilities of the private sector and the government to respond, or not to respond, to the growing threat of climate change. What would it mean to take more definitive action to address the threat? What would it mean to NOT take definitive action?

Professional Communication…@Work

TOPIC: Professional Communication…@Work, the ethics of emailing, tweeting, and posting in the workplace. The modes of professional communication are vast and changing, which present issues due to generational and cultural differences. This roundtable discussion centered on ethics in the workplace and how some of these have changed or shifted in recent years with the rise of social media communication and the varying opinions about what is appropriate or not in the professional space.

Importance of Ritual in Greek Life

TOPIC: Theta Phi Alpha participated in a national Ritual Week during the week of March 7. Ritual week is conducted by another Panhellenic organization, Phi Mu. Throughout the week, organizations on campuses in the country raised awareness of the importance of ritual in Greek life allowing sorority and fraternity members to reflect on their organization’s ritual while embracing the ritual of other inter-fraternal organizations. Ritual is a highly important aspect of Greek life that most are not aware. The discussion focused on what rituals are within the different chapters, how we can use ritual in our everyday lives, how to be a valued-based organization, and more. This roundtable will allow students and faculty to gain a better understanding of Greek Life, especially on Philadelphia University’s campus. The discussion was conducted by Theta Phi Alpha’s ritual chair with the participation of Theta Phi Alpha and other Greek organizations on campus.

Unconscious Bias: Women in Architecture

TOPIC: Although the representation of female and minority students in architecture schools has been steadily growing, women and minorities in the profession are significantly underrepresented. In the United States over 40% of students enrolled in architecture are female, whereas only 17% are estimated to be practicing as licensed or registered architects. Why are women leaving the profession in higher numbers than men? What are their challenges in a male-dominated office culture? What changes need to occur to increase the number of women and minorities in the profession? Listen in for the answers.

Historic Costume and Textile Collections as a Public Resource

TOPIC: Historic costume and textile collections are gaining increasing attention from the public with blockbuster exhibitions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” in 2011. This roundtable addressed the importance of historic costume and textile collections as public resources in a variety of settings from large museums and brand archives to university collections and historic houses. We further discussed how to understand the value of these collections and how to make them accessible to an ever-larger audience through exhibitions, online resources, and more.

Exactly How Much Control Does The School Has Over Your Civil Rights?

TOPIC: What is the role of the university in its student’s life? Just how much freedom do young university adults have. Can the university limit speech to create a “safe place” for its students or is this censorship? Listen to this student led Roxboro House Roundtable for some answers

Was the ATOMIC BOMB Necessary?

TOPIC: The United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in August of 1945. Did these bombings actually end the war? Could peace with Japan have been achieved through diplomatic means before the bombings? What role did the Soviets have in Truman’s decision? Was invasion of the Japanese homeland the only alternative to the atomic bomb? Listen to this Roxboro House Roundtable for some answers and more questions!