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The Midterm Elections: What Happened

By: Trevor Perks and John Warholic

The 2018 midterm election was one for the books. More than 47 percent of the population that could vote voted, which means it has reached a 50 year high exceeding 100 million votes. There are many takeaways from the known outcomes. Did the results indicate a blue wave? Or is the overall Democratic victory in the House overshadowing the fact Republicans gained seats in the Senate? There is very clearly two ways to look at this election and a lot of it has to do with partisanship. One can see the victory by the Democrats in the House as huge going into 2020 or you can see it as Republicans taking stands where it matters most and making Trump’s sector grow stronger.

The Senate Is More Important


Over the past weeks leading up to the election there was a lot of talk about a blue wave coming. Countless ads encouraging people to vote were played day in and day out. The disaster known as the 2016 election could be attributed to Democrats and potential voters being complacent. There was a mentality that there was no way Trump could win so people felt less inclined to vote. There was no way Democrats were going to let this happen again. Which brings me to the recent midterms. Democrats executed the task of gaining the majority in the House of Representatives. This will effectively allow them to pump the brakes on the Trump agenda and add more vigor into Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. However, this is not an historic anomaly, in fact it is the opposite. The party in power of the executive branch usually loses the majority in the House during the midterm elections. What stood out to me was Republicans gaining seats in the Senate, which makes it hard for me to say this was a blue wave election. Republicans being able to hold the Senate is very good for Trump and the Republicans. This allows for the protection of Trump’s presidency itself, for his agenda to continue moving forward and the ability to appoint judges. The latter being very important because of the recent unfortunate events that occurred to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it is uncertain to say she will remain on the court for the rest of Trump’s presidency. The Republican control of the Senate could mean that Trump will get a third Supreme Court Justice Nominee who, in all likelihood, will get confirmed. If this happens the Court as we knew it will not be the same, with a strong conservative majority. Overall looking at the percentage of young people voting and how a majority of them voted Democrat is something for Democrats to be excited about, but to me this election was not a blue wave. However, we could be seeing one coming in 2020, but a lot can happen over two years.

Blue Wave Has Yet to Come


I would say that the Democrats won the battle but not the war that was the Midterm Election. Some real dogfights came up in this election in some states that used to be solidly GOP. Democrats winning the House is a gigantic leap into the future for us and poses a stronger stance on the Trump Russia investigation. The Democrats in the House starting January are going for a “all hands on deck approach” towards the Trump investigation which may be good news for some and bad for others. I believe that Democrats winning the House will give the Trump-Russia investigation more “teeth” if that is appropriate to say.

To say the Blue Wave has come I think is a little rash. I believe it has not yet come and this was just the first small wave to make it to land. A much larger wave is coming and the stats are showing it. Pollers aged 18-44 were 61% Democrat and 36% Republican. Pollers aged 45+ were 49% Democratic and 50% Republican. As we can see from this higher numbers of Republicans in the higher age groups. The younger voters strongly went Democratic and this number is only expected to rise going into 2020. When we see results for Senate in Texas as a Republican winning by only 2% over a Democrat is amazing to me and almost had me stunned.

I am very excited for the upcoming election and I predict that we will see a Democratic President simply because i feel the blue wave has yet to crash onto the surface, especially because we have 16 year olds right now that will be able to vote in that election and it is safe to say that the youth population below the age of 18 are mostly democratic.

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